Roots in Poetry by Cheryl Marlene

Roots in Poetry

Roots in Poetry is a collection of poems which remind me of finding my roots, of the rivers of life, and the undefinable opportunity of the darkness.

Everywhere is Sacred Space by Cheryl Marlene

Everywhere is Sacred Space

Everywhere is Sacred Space is an excerpt from How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey, Part V, Chapter 36. This is a discussion on the spiritual concept crucial to understand your spiritual journey.

You as Sacred Space by Cheryl Marlene

You as Sacred Space

You as Sacred Space is an excerpt from Open Your Akashic Records, Chapter 53: Sacred Space. Here we consider the personal aspect of this topic.

Story, Experience and Core Essence by Cheryl Marlene

Story, Experience, and Core Essence

Story, Experience, and Core Essence is an excerpt from my book How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey. The discussion distinguishes what is your essence from the story made up to explain experience.

The Flow of Spirit by Cheryl Marlene

The Flow of Spirit

The Flow of Spirit is an excerpt from How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey. This discusses the metaphor of river to explore the spiritual journey.

Integration of Arrival Energy by Cheryl Marlene

Integration of Arrival Energy

Integration of Arrival Energy is one of the first threads I wrote about the arrival of the new energy of physical-spiritual integration which is transforming and transmuting our human experience. This energetic motion is the foundation of all change on the planet.

Tao Te Ching Excerpts from Cheryl Marlene

Tao Te Ching Excerpts

Tao Te Ching Excerpts: While much of this ancient text applies to the Akashic Records. For me, Verse One and Verse Six speak of the originating boundlessness and its connection to us in this moment.

These verses are from Tao Te Ching: The Definitive Edition with translation and commentary by Jonathan Star. The Tao Te Ching is attributed to Lao Tzu.

Vibration and Resonance by Cheryl Marlene

Vibration and Resonance

The Akashic Records at potential work within resonance and not vibration. New agreements for humanity have us moving from a focus on vibration to awareness of resonance.

Energy of Ask-Receive by Cheryl Marlene

Energy of Ask-Receive

The energy of Ask-Receive is vital to the discussion of divine assistance especially within the Akashic Records.

Thoughts on Divine Assistance by Cheryl Marlene

Thoughts on Divine Assistance

Thoughts on Divine Assistance: Because of the exchange between Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality and the motion between form and potential, the possibility of Divine Assistance posits that somehow the potential side can assist the form side.

Eternal Return by Cheryl Marlene

Eternal Return

All creative energy and all Divine Assistance moves within the motion of the Eternal Return.

Local and Nonlocal Viewing Perspectives by Cheryl Marlene

Local and Nonlocal Viewing Perspectives

Local and Nonlocal Viewing Perspectives are about the point of observation with the Akashic Records when considering events outside of the present moment. In this work, it is important for the point of observation of a historical event to be clear.

Genesis as Told by Ancient Mother by Cheryl Marlene

Genesis: As Told by Ancient Mother

In all the many wonderful experiences of connection I have within the Akashic Records, the most delightful and most profound is Ancient Mother. As the originating energy of all creative expression we call Mother Earth, Ancient Mother sings physical and spiritual creation into being. She is the voice of our most ancient ancestors and holds a direct line to the deepest understandings of what it means to be human as manifested divine creative energy. Her voice is deep wisdom and her presence is deeply grounding between heaven and earth. In this section, and many sections to come, Ancient Mother shares an aspect of origin, of the genesis of all.

Fear as the Basis of Departing Energy by Cheryl Marlene

Fear as the Basis of Departing Energy

The concepts expressed here go along with the twelve pressure points explored in To Do Your Work. I haven’t decided if or how I might include them with TDYW — right now I’m thinking that this information forms part of the basis for a new Level Three course as well as it’s own book.