Courage Gathered, I Name by Cheryl Marlelne

Courage Gathered, I Name

Courage Gathered, I Name – a poem which came to me as I thought about how in the past I have given up myself in the face of abuse. I name you. I call you out. Once a feral focal point of my life. The best of me: Dominated. Hidden. Denied. In doubt. I ignored …

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For Women Everywhere by Cheryl Marlene

For Women Everywhere

For Women Everywhere — a poem which came to me as I thought about how in the past FEAR was present . FEAR I name you. I call you out. Once a focal point Of my life to Protect me from harm. Controlling the best of me. Making me Doubt the truth of My pain. …

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A Cold Fog by Cheryl Marlene.

A Cold Fog

A Cold Fog is one of many pieces I have written which explores how the intimate is intertwined with the divine. When my desire to feel a man’s finger trace my spine, to feel his lips on mine, to bring him pleasure in return – when this desire goes unfulfilled, the act of self-pleasure hangs …

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Delight in Your Presence by Cheryl Marlene

Delight in Your Presence

Delight in Your Presence is a poem I wrote after meeting someone. I thought I knew how the meeting would go and what I would think. I made my mind up before hand. Which I did even though I knew better. And then … well, I was wrong. Wrong, big time.

This Womb by Cheryl Marlene

This Womb

Often, when I am looking to express feeling and experience, the words take the form of a poem. This is one of those I penned while contemplating my inner essence, my core, that which gives birth to me. This womb has given birth to babies and more. More life.  More love.  More trust … much …

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