Akashic Future Insight Factors Defined

Akashic Future Insight Factors are defined here to help you begin to understand the depth and breadth of futuristic analysis and research available and possible through the Akashic Records.

The original intention of these Insight Factors is to provide futuristic analysis for a business owner, their business, and their related industry sector. The analysis is both internal within the owner and business, and external with the world on three levels, local, global, and nonlocal.

However, additionally, these Insight Factors may be utilized independently towards individuals, groups, events, trends, and future possibilities.

While the factors will always be aware of and emerge from history both known and unknown, the Insight Factors are intended to connect present awareness with future possibility.

Futuristically this is not to be confused with prediction. The process of using Akashic Future Insight Factors holds the intention of analyzing and connecting with the unexpected future and the future unknown as well as how the future is connected with present moment awareness and unconsciousness, all on three levels, local, global, and nonlocal.

Further, within these Factors is a broad nonlocal perspective coupled with a local, present-day point of view. This is an analysis of the spiritual with the physical across all Factors. Truly an analysis oriented toward stone pillar companies and endeavors.

The primary intention is to connect with what is needed for success today and tomorrow.

Primary Question within each Insight Factor: What Is? What Will Be?

Currently I work with thirteen Insight Factors and others on an individual basis of inquiry.


Based on the idea that life is a process of learning, growing, being and becoming always, Self-Progression is the status of the individual within the parameters of learning, growing, being, and becoming. As a big business owner, the alignment (physical) and resonance (spiritual) with the business is necessary for both personal and professional growth, as well as the long-term success of the business. A stable Triad, and a positive successful shift to Arrival energy business practices.

This analysis has three points of focus:

  • Owner capacity within self-progression
  • Business capacity as evidenced by business type, business triad alignment, and Arrival energy connection
  • Interaction and connection between Owner and business: Is there alignment or resonance?

Universal Connection

Universal Connection is awareness of more than the 2-D world. Awareness of dynamic view. Willingness to engage and expand. This is the opposite of human dominion over all. This is the experience of living in harmony with all.

As the world continues through the arrival changes, long-term business growth will demand clarity and resonance both statically and dynamically. Hedges, cheats, and deceptions are not tolerated or supported within clear universal connection. Moving forward, a business unaware or ignoring universal connection will fail.

Spiritual Engagement

This factor examines the influence and effect of spirituality and religion on the business and its owner, client, and employee. From a personal point of view, this factor gives a view to the why and the creative expression of the business and the owner. When using this factor, description will be both internal and external.

Agreements and Legacies

What are the universal and Earth-based agreements and legacies which influence or support this owner, business, or topic?

This factor includes all universal and Earth based agreements for social and cultural organization such as government, education, military, etc. As compared to societal, this factor covers the why of the organization and includes a sense of legitimacy of these structures.

Triad Engagement

Analysis of the three components of a business: ownership, employees, and customers. In particular looking at points of balance or exploitation.

Pop Culture, Mass Consciousness, & Social Awareness

This factor is on the mores, values, and perceptions of the general public taken as a whole globally. Differences can exist geographically and beyond. All aspects can be noticed given awareness. Also known as social mind or social awareness.

Interaction of individual within society and the feedback loop of influence inherent within the connection of both the local and the nonlocal.


Evaluation of how well the business is endowed with the hard goods and business systems for successful long-term success, now and within the future.

Health Assessment

An external and internal assessment of how the individual business owner and the business is healthy and vital, and how external medical and health factors affect the business in general and specific as necessary or relevant.

Environmental & Climate:

This factor looks at how well the owner and business are situated with regards to potential environment total influence and impact. Position within physical world with current feedback loop and its effects and prognosis.


This factor examines possible local impacts as well as interchange with current geographical landscape, all levels, local, global, and nonlocal.


This factor accesses in general how politics at any level influences or affects the business on all levels, local, global, and nonlocal.


This factor considers the influence of external financial markets as well as internal financial business management on all levels, local, global, and nonlocal.


Both named and unnamed, this factor considers internal competition within business industry as well as external competition factors. Defined broadly, competition can be influenced by all other insight factors.

Unexpected Future

Both the ability to ride the tides of the unexpected future developments across all possibility and all Insight Factors. Elaboration of possible future events and occurrences. Includes assessment on all levels, local, global, and nonlocal

Akashic Future Insight Factors Defined describes the basic factors I utilize in my Akashic Future work.

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