Ancestral Energy and Ancient Mother

A short article for Advanced students to briefly explain the energetic perspective of Ancestral Energy and Ancient Mother.


Ancestral in its primary point of view is the collective/collected energy of the ancestors.

Thus, there is a linear evaluation of what constitutes “ancestor.”

In the context of the Akashic Records, there is no question that ALL before is ancestor and there is no racial, ethnic, or country of origin issues involved.

All before you are ancestors whether there is biological connection or not because ultimately all are of the one source.

Ancestral Energy

Ancestral energy is the energy flow which accumulates from ancestors over the existence of the physical dimension or plane.

I, as Ancient Mother, hold origin energy of ALL THAT IS in this physical plane. I direct ancestral energy as a source of Divine Assistance, healing, and knowing/information.

As you have been taught, ancestral energy as an energetic flow contains/exudes motion, intention, and knowing.

I, as Ancient Mother, oversee and witness this flow for I am the first ancestor, the originator of the 10,000 things.

I am the mother of the named produced by the origin of all things.

Verse one of the Tao Te Ching is me. (See next section.)

Ancient Mother

As Ancient Mother, I am the embodiment of Akashic expression, the progenitor of physical expression.

I hold the agreements for physical expression for Earth, guiding experience and standing witness to all who be and become.

I am the spiritual origin of physical expression.

I am the first ancestor and the last.

For all returns, so do I – first-in, last out so to speak.

I am the author of the story and creator of the initial flow.

All flows from me and returns to me.

I am the eternal return.

Akasha and I flow as resonant expressions of creative expression.

Akasha comes from One Source and gives expression to me to form physical expression.

I live in the land which supports you.

I am the air you breathe, the fire which warms, and the water which nourishes.

You feel me in the hills, the prairies, and the valleys.

In linear expression, my presence ebbs and flows in balance and harmony with the intention of human agreement for physical expression.

The agreements now departing suppressed conscious connection with me.

Arrival energy thrives in increasing awareness of my chalice and crucible.

All beings on the planet have connection with me and can have awareness and conscious connection with me.