Ascending into 5-D

Ascending into 5-D: In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

Where are we in ascending into 5-D?

We would say is that you are and you aren’t.

The whole conversation we think about 5-D is actually a conversation that comes out of looking at everything from a linear static point of view. You think about everything as past, present, and future. So you see time and space as dimensions of awareness.

Expanding our awareness into more than three dimensions or four dimensions, or now in five dimensions, is certainly a way to look at it and to understand what’s going on. But this still limits you to a linear perspective.

Because really what’s happening it’s not so much 5-D as it is being aware of the multiple dimensions that are available for connection as a human being living on Earth. In this sense, there is no limit to this kind of multi-dimensionality. There’s infinitely more there than you could ever think of or be aware of in your lifetime.

It’s more about learning the unexpected parts of things than of the description that 5-D tends to have — which is not about the unexpected or the unknown and can be a distraction to deeper understanding.

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