Energy Story of Service Misplacement

When I began writing To Do Your Work, I used a question to feel into the energy of the pressure point. What came out was the energy story of the pressure point moving from feeling overwhelmed by the energy, to self-awareness, to release. This is the energy story of Service Misplacement following the question: Why must I Serve?

As insignificant, I feel an overwhelming absence. Like a fruit basket empty, moldy, barren.

I also feel that I am alone, that others have more than me, are happier, healthier, and wealthier.

I hang my head in shame because I believe the lack is entirely my fault.

I have failed to learn properly.

I have failed to think properly.

Something within me is deficient because I have failed to live aligned with those who know better than I.

Within the lack, I decide that in order to prove my worth, I must hoard, I must gather to me as much as I can of supply and of power, of knowledge and of control.

Amassing all I can will relieve me of the stigma of my failure, relieving me and mine of the scarcity which forms the foundation of our lives.

I sink into my incompetency and fearfully pray for whatever is better than death.

Then doubt again creeps in, I find I can no longer deny myself.

I am learning and growing.

I cannot deny who I am.

Nor can I deny I am on a path forward claiming my intrinsic worth.

I am inherently worthy.

I feel this within my being.

My heart reflects a peaceful solid value.

My body reflects the beauty of wisdom.

My mind rejects the critical and the demeaning, moving me from reaction to response, from blame and fear to choice fueled by the powerful truth of all of me, body, mind, heart, and soul.

In the peace of me, the calm of my center, I feel connection with ALL.

This connection asks for attention and reflection, for respect and reverence.

In absorbing the wisdom of connection, I feel connected to all of me.

Gone is the self-denial within numbness and pain. Gone is the hateful desire for oblivion of self and of ALL.

one is the hateful push for perfection always.

In connection, all of me shows up to fuel my exploration and benefit from my learning.

In connection, I share, I receive.

In connection there is no limit or lack.

In connection, myth becomes scarce because myth gives way to truth.

In truth, all that I need moves towards me quickly and easily.

No longer expecting self-obliviation.

Without the demand of spiritual perfection, I connect with the abundance of ALL.

To release self-denial, claim abundant connection of self with ALL.

This is the energy story of Service Misplacement and is part of the writing I have done for my next book, To Do Your Work. To read other excerpts, go here.