First Five Sacred Shapes

First Five Sacred Shapes is the first motion into a new book on sacred sites and celestial bodies.

While my vision of the books will explore sacred sties around the world, to begin I am researching and exploring multiple topics such as sacred geometry, sacred placement, multidimensional connections, and what makes a site sacred.

All shapes represent and express motion both dynamically and statically. They are not fixed, stagnant, or unchanging. Rather energetically, shape is a symbol of eternal and infinite motion. An indication of existence, creation, of life.

Seen linearly, all shape is a symbol of that which is constant, an ending, always.

Combined, they transmit meaning and transform awareness.

Motion, knowing, and intention are the components of each and all shape.

Dynamic in character always, each and all shapes connect, conduct and convey motion, knowing, and intention. They are flows of resonance for beings of form containing potential (such as human beings). They are also expressions of Universal Life Force of the transcendent, of the divine.

Shape is expression and interaction. Shape expresses and is always a source of learning and understanding. There is more for you to learn!

What is a Line?

Dynamically, line denotes an edge or discernment between aspects of the infinite and the eternal.

A line is a connection within the boundlessness which begins discernment.

A line is infinite. A line is finite.

A line is the essence of all creation. An existence within that was unknowable now has a singular existence of focused awareness.

A line is the first expression of source pointing toward the motion of potential to form. For a line begins the unknown into known.

A line is a line from all perspectives, infinitely.

A line begins linear creation. Relative to other shapes and movements, a lign is always center or denotes where center lies.

A line is not straight because a line is a flow.

What is a Circle?

A circle is a turn towards center.

A circle is a line always an equal distance from center.

A circle is a line with awareness of itself wanting to attain knowing.

A circle denotes the balance of creation and stands witness to the eternal existence of balance within All That Is and within all creation held within All That Is.

What is a Spiral?

A spiral is the evidence in the universe of expansion, growth, and the capacity for learning.

A spiral is a line returning to its center of balance, taking on the linear appearance of a circle. In this motion of flowing center, learning from motion continues the motion still in alignment with balance – yet balance has shifted creating a shape encircling the line in a continuous flow as it has experience, learns, grows, and continues this creative cycle continually.

What is a Triangle?

Both triangle and square are the initial examples of the additive nature of transcendent creation made manifest.

A triangle is the interaction between the creative energies expressed in threes.

The eternal can and does discern in multiple forms. Triangle is the divine in its form as three.

Triangle represents what is known, what is unknown, what is unknowable. Different religions and spiritual traditions acknowledge this trinity with different names and identities.

A triangle recognizes that flows of energy can express multiple characteristics as motion, intention, and knowing. Combine in different forms and with varying intentions, a triangle can exist without physical form as a movement which finds balance with two other movements.

The center of balance is resonant and draws the movements into balance one with the other. This is how a triangle begins. Thus, the linear shape and symbolizes three in balance one with the other two.

What is a Square?

Like a triangle, a square begins within the infinite and eternal as the balance of four motions one with the other.

A square represents the balance of four and begins the physical creation of elements which find balance with each other and assist in physical expression, manifestation, and support.

A square is a gathering, an interest in connection, a joy to express for self and for the group.

A square can be both in an enclosure and an exclusion.

A square is one of the first forms of the many.

First Five Sacred Shapes is the first entry into my upcoming books on sacred sites and celestial bodies. Find more articles for the book in Sacred Sites.

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