Future Insight Analysis 01092023

Future Insight Analysis 01092023 (for January 9, 2023) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

Self Progression

For those who draw near to you and your work, they have begun their journey of physical-spiritual integration.

In the next three to six months, life for the serious spiritual seeker will feel several large tides of change.

First will be a huge shift in awareness as the multi-dimensions of your world begin a new motion through a new intention. This new intention is like finding one’s way to the bottom of the iceberg only to find there is more. And not only is there more – What Is is infinite and eternal. Another way to state this is to say that no longer is there tolerance for superficiality, dishonesty, and false promise. Those without integrity will begin to suffer their falseness at a level which cannot be ignored. Overall, throughout humanity, lies will no longer be ignored and subterfuge will begin to shine brightly and undeniably.

This leads to the second motion: a striving for deeper clarity. As lies are exposed, the search for clarity will expand. The issue will then be agreeing on truth for many will classify some aspects of clarity as false creating and extending the conflict of especially the last ten years.

The two best responses begin within. First shift from pushing out, grabbing after to focusing on the path of least resistance which moves towards you quickly, easily, and safely. In fact, this is the best way to make it through the outer turmoil. Turn your awareness and search for clarity inward and focus on that motion which approaches you without resistance and little friction. Know as you do your work, the friction which appears is an opportunity to resolve an open to your path of least resistance.

For now you move into the third motion: finding inner balance within a space with outer turmoil. Balance always Is. Even when the world seems to be at odds everywhere. If you are able to witness and observe, you create the space for your choice period to be aware does not mean you must participate. All choice is your choice. Smile and question. Allow direct connection to be through your choice. You are not required to accept anyone or everyone into your life just because they show up or because you are aware of them. Understanding and feeling connection with all which naturally exists is not a requirement to allow the hordes into your house and yard. You have a choice over who you allow in. Though, remember, do not go to fear or hate as excuses for rejection. Instead through self trust, no you can discern the difference of who direct connection serves your highest expression.

Find peace within and you will find clarity for yourself, body, mind, heart, and soul.

Universal Connection

We will share more on this topic in the months to come. For all who seek clarity: seek to understand the nonlocality of your existence.

Nonlocality is found in transcendence, in the unknown and unexpected, in that which feels beyond intellectual understanding and explanation, beyond the severe rationality of those captured in the limits of 3D awareness. Also question those who attempt to explain transcendence within the limits of linear awareness. Understanding doesn’t come from counting or numbering the layers or dimensions.

Nonlocality is that which rises above the linear no longer constrained by physicality. Nonlocality is an integration beyond any awareness or explanation such as past, present, future or length, width, and height. Right now, for most of humanity, nonlocality is an awareness, a feeling, a sense of something beyond explanation, an integrated connection with the divine unknown.

Spiritual Engagement

Over the next couple of years there will be a continued separation of how those who seek connection with the divine feel the path as intended. In other words, there is a separation between those who seek religion as protection and survival versus those who seek spirituality as connection and meaning to thrive.

To seek protection with God will primarily push many towards beliefs of who is better than who as a way to defend and protect.

To seek meaning as a way to thrive will offend and frighten those in search of survival.

The resolution of this division is not presently insight.

Agreements and Legacies

In the next year, what we refer to as Ancient Wisdom will begin to make itself more widely known. For most this will be felt as a rise in the mystical and the sacred. This will happen because of the shifts in the agreements of all humanity.

Guided by the Earth Council and the Divine Council, as the agreements continue their path of transformation (structure) and transmutation (essence), the Ancient Wisdom will become more easily heard and witnessed.

Pop Culture, Mass Consciousness, and Social Awareness

As the agreements shift, the energy which emerges within the intrinsic connection within All That Is will shift its nature and character.

In other words, as humanity shifts into the new agreements, first the energy within a person will shift and then the energy exchanged person to person will shift.

The overall effect will mean that the energy we all exist within on Earth will develop a new character. There will be a rise in the awareness that it is not about “cancel” – it is about understanding which leads to a path beyond the acceptance of lying and deceit.

Cancel is its own form of deceit.


In the next year there will be much that is put on hold in the face of what will be seen as more important.

However, if you can attend to your own infrastructure, whether in your home or business, you will feel a jump ahead which will serve you greatly in the next couple of years.

Already we hear you asking for specifics. We will respond with this suggestion: look at how your life is structured, especially the buildings of home and business, and seek to find balance, support, and alignment for yourself and for the structure with your physical environment. Move forward with reasonable sustainable features as much as possible.

Health Assessment

Stress. Look at what stresses you and take steps to reduce.

This will most likely lead you to examine your fears. Make a list and, one by one, let go of each fear. Learn to recognize fear when it appears. Remember, not about getting rid of fear. Instead, if you learn to be aware of fear, not react, and learn to examine the possibilities of the arising fear – you will absolutely reduce the experience of stress.

Responding to fear and learning to work with the gifts of fear reduces the currency of any fear for all.

To improve your health overall, tame fear and reduce stress.

Environment and Climate

Climate change is both worse than and better than what is feared. Worse than because the true extent of the change is not clearly or properly understood. There is a new interdimensional shift happening around and through the earth. It’s been about 10,000 years since this type of shift has occurred on the earth.

Think of multiple dimensions held as spheres within spheres with each sphere having interconnected points and planes with all other spheres. Imagine a sphere shifting how the points and planes of its sphere is connected and integrated with other spheres. This is the best description from a physical perspective of the change.

However, the change is primarily nonlocal. This is the good part for this is a phenomenally huge shift which will in the end not substantially change the environment and climate of the earth and extinguish life on the planet. Instead, there will be opportunities to understand the nature of the change and respond accordingly.

Focus on your personal experience to find your path through this nonlocal motion.


As we just shared, the environmental change is based on a predominantly nonlocal shift.

To weather this shift, connect with the nature which surrounds you. Garden, walk or hike, go barefoot, soak in some sun, take delight in the emerging blooms, notice the shadows, and feel the breeze. Involve yourself and hold this connection sacred.


The shift in intolerance for insincerity or deceit will have the biggest impact on government. For in almost every country will be those politicians who push the boundaries and question the integrity of their opponents and use psychological manipulation (gaslighting) to cause chaos for chaos’s sake.

Look for those who speak of WE rather than those who use fear to maintain the falseness of US versus THEM.

US is not the chosen few.

WE are all chosen expressions of the divine.


As much as possible, eliminate debt to be able to smoothly sail through the troubles of the last half of this year.

Invest in the infrastructure of your life making it sustainable and supportive. Simplify as you can.


Learn that scarcity is a belief used to deny a sustainable livelihood to most.

Scarcity is a myth used to intimidate and cast out the unwanted and the defiant.

Think on this and check within your heart for the threads of scarcity belief.

Ask yourself: if scarcity is a myth, why am I afraid?

To get to the roots and release them, question your beliefs about scarcity plus when and why it feels scarcity exists for you.

Unexpected Future

Get this: the future is always held within the unexpected.

Learn to be excited about discovering possibility instead of looking into the unknown with dread and fear.

No matter what may happen in your life, if you can focus on the unknown possibility of the next moment, of tomorrow, or next year, then you will thrive and be ready to respond to whatever may come.

Truly! Look to your future with joyful anticipation!

We are complete!

Future Insight Analysis 01092023: utilizing the Akashic Future Insight Factors, this analysis appears once a week within the Akashic Mystic Library. For more analysis articles, begin here: Akashic Future Library.