How do we navigate intense turbulence in this time of transition?

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: How do we navigate intense turbulence in this time of transition? Their response discusses the path which opens easily when your focus is on What Is.

In a certain sense, they’ve just answered that question, but what they would like to add is that it’s about really developing an awareness that life moves towards you, that you don’t have to go out and run after it or break down.

You’re learning to deal with what comes to you, you’re learning that you have a choice over that.

You’re learning that it’s not showing up because you screwed up some place. It’s showing up because that’s What Is right now.

Instead of trying to tie it to some idea of a lesson that you can learn as a way to justify it – not that there isn’t a lesson there – it’s that when you try to make everything into a lesson, you miss What Is.

The point about being aware of what moves toward you is about learning to be aware of What Is.

In terms of dealing with the turbulence, you’re not putting energy into trying to get rid of the turbulence, you’re learning that you can deal with it. And that’s how possibility opens up for you because it takes you out of trying to control the response to your actions. Because you’ve shifted it to just watching what comes to you. Thank you.

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