Insight Analysis 10312022

Insight Analysis 10312022 (for October 31, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

For all who draw near, we have this message of What Will Be.

Insight Analysis Factor: Political

Within the US is a disturbing force born of layers of lies by multiple entities. All of whom are power hungry and in disbelief that they are able to get as far as they can with their lies. There are others profiting on these lies knowing they are lies. And there are those who use fear to manipulate and drive their base of power. Very few in the political sphere are able to stand in integrity and speak truth. Even fewer are willing or interested in the basis of truth.

This dance with truth, which is a global phenomenon, is the crux of physical-spiritual integration. The dance is because of the presence of fear within most people and within most human connection and interaction.

For the spiritual seeker, this is the time to confront fear within. First realize much of the fear you confront within is NOT YOURS! Get this, for this is very, very important. To transform your personal relationship with fear, you must be able to recognize the source of fear. Most fear beating in your heart is not yours but is your awareness of others. Because there is a social and cultural expectation to do for others, the most common habit is to take on awareness of fear to lighten the burden for others. Done unconsciously, this creates a burden for everyone because the effect of the fear expands. When you can recognize the fear within you that is not yours, you are able to first lighten your load and then this opens the door of possibility of releasing the fear by whoever’s fear it is. This effort of acknowledging and letting go of fear which is not yours increases the possibility of release by others because your release contracts the fear.

What is fear? First it is worry, concern, an inner scare about the future – about something which has not yet happened! Because this is a future concern opens the door for fear to be used as a tool of manipulation of what you believe, how you choose, and how you react. Fear pushes you to react instead of thoughtfully respond. If you are clear about what fear is yours and what fear is not yours, then it is much easier to not react in the face of fear as manipulation.

You can instead be Witness to the events which surround you. You can see with more clarity those who act in integrity and those who lie and manipulate. As Witness, you are in the position to deal directly with your own fears instead of being led blindly in directions neither of your choosing nor of your inherent benefit.

To identify fear as not yours or belonging to others, ask these questions:

Who benefits if this fear occurs?

Who benefits if this fear does not occur?

Fear as manipulation is done to make an outcome horrible and thus should be avoided at all costs. Whatever the “costs” are is often what the manipulation is really about. IF X then Y. If you don’t vote for X, then the horrible Y will occur. Y is the cost to avoid. X is what is desired by the manipulation.

Again, if you are clear about what is not your fear, managing your own fear is much more doable.

Another approach is to question the premise inherent in any statement of fear. Simply ask: Is it true that XYZ? Do your research away from sources which use fear to entertain and profit.

Additionally, personalize the statement by taking the fear outside of nameless groups of people and think about it as your family and friends.

Fear left to fester unidentified within you builds an infection which freezes your sense of connection and narrows awareness of options. Fear colors choice.

Remember this: Fear is a choice. A choice you do not need to make. Fear wants to deprive you of your sense of agency and autonomy in this present moment. Fear wants you to second guess your worth and value and leave you feeling powerless.

You stop fear by recognizing that it is not yours. You contract the spread of fear by dealing directly with your own fear. Do you want a life driven by the mindlessness of fear? Or do you want a life driven by the openness and clarity of your awareness, choice, and agency? Do not underestimate the benefit to you and to all of your personal choice to recognize and dispense with fear which is not yours.

Like Cheryl has done, please affirm:

There is no room for fear in my life!

Insight Analysis Factor: Unexpected Future

Three notable, public figures will die over the next three weeks. There will be much unrest for six to eight weeks. Many will take advantage of the disturbances for their own benefit.

Now, more than ever, the ability to choose the Witness perspective is more important than ever. Assert your ability to recognize fear and choose to eject it from your life now. This is the best way to reject manipulation, lies, and that which would benefit from your blind obedience.

Reject the push to say yes to fear. Instead say yes to your choice, your awareness, and your belief in yourself.

For the future is the unexpected. The best way to deal with the unexpected is not through fear. The path through the unexpected is with curiosity and trust joyfully experienced.

Remember: for every act of fear, the equal and opposite motion is expansion of clear awareness. The presence of fear signals the possibilities of expansion and growth because this is what fear is afraid of. That you are maintaining, on an increasingly constant basis, your inherent ability to recognize your inner truth and trust yourself to exercise your choice and your autonomy.

Get giddy in the face of fear and know the fear is going down, impotent and incomplete.

Every moment you say No! to fear, you release yourself from its hold and expand the potential of release for all.

As you do this work, find within yourself the joy and wonder, the curiosity and openness to this simple yet profound question: What Will Be?

We are complete!

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