Insight Analysis 11142022

Insight Analysis 11142022 (for November 14, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

Today let us begin with this question in a general broad view:

What Will Be?

This is always an interesting perspective: looking from the nonlocality of this present moment into the locality and nonlocality of a future present moment – future relative within linear perspective with layers of possibility which connect this moment to all moments infinite and eternal.

When asking a question such as this, it is natural to have both intentional or unintentional focus. Perhaps there are possibilities on the horizon which take a bit of your attention. Perhaps there are worries or fears about some possibilities which draw your view.

The truth about the future is that it is one part awareness and at least two parts unknown and unexpected.

Thus, often the question What Will Be is an attempt to gain a view of the unknown, to get a jump on the unexpected.

Within Akashic Future, this question has a different intention and effect.

First this question is a different focus on the same view of clearly seeing an understanding what this.

What Will Be is asking for a future perspective on a different moment of What Is.

Your awareness of time and linear space is a connected continuum of What Is moments. An infinite chaining of moments intersected at infinite points by other chains from all others.

What Will Be is an effort to observe the chains in a moment other than this present moment.

In that future moment, What Is exists. The question is trying to find the chain connected between this moment and that moment so that you can see the path between.

However, this vision is not entirely available because of the infinite intersections to not only that one connection but to all connections within all chains.

Everything is energy. All energy is connected in all moments of What Is and What Will Be.

Thus, in asking What Will Be within the Akashic Records, the response will raise up the knowing of your present moment which is connected to the intention of the question.

If What Will Be is qualified by an event, a person, or a time period, the response will raise what is most potent in the moment of asking.

If What Will Be is asked without qualification, then the Records respond with what is most potent for whoever inquires.

You ask now “on behalf of all who draw near.” For us this is the attention of deep spiritual seekers interested in your work or the energy of your work though they may in this moment not know you. We understand that when you make this request, you cast a wide and deep net and we respond beyond your awareness as we always do when anyone connects and requests.

This is an important discussion which raises several important topics for all who draw near. One is potency. One is fluidity. One is the energetic connection between local and nonlocal. For asking What Will Be touches on all three.

Potency is the term we will use to speak of the intensity of resonance, balance, harmony, and integration. A moment of potency is one with very clear and present resonance and balance. We will request that you not think of levels of potency. Potency is a dynamic expression which can be present linearly but is not intended to have layers of judgment. Potency is discerned.

Fluidity is a wavelike experience within any energy system. More than flexibility, fluidity avoids rigid definition and scripted response. To experience fluidity is to flow freely within your connected awareness between locality and nonlocality.

While we have spoken extensively about what is local and what is nonlocal, let us visit this topic again especially within the context of What Is and What Will Be.

Local begins what is known. You, your family and friends, your neighbors. Thus, what is nonlocal begins with what is unknown. At least within the static view, the discernment happens around known and unknown. This is a discussion confined to time and space understood linearly.

Stepping outside of linear time and space opens the door to the dynamic, to the view of the infinite and eternal, to the possibilities available when attention and intention begin to operate within the boundlessness, within infinite possibility.

Here is that which is nonlocal – the connection of all energy with all energy. This from a static view can look like chaos because it is not understandable linearly. The understanding is best described as connected sphere within connected sphere within connected sphere infinitely. Discernment and awareness are possible but not yet on an infinite level.

This is why the answer to What Will Be is driven by potency. The ability to receive a response is driven by fluidity. For this is an inquiry into the infinite connection of local and nonlocal.

To be futuristic is to be and learn potency and fluidity. Not as standards of judgment but as experiences of being both local and nonlocal in each moment and all moments.

This view transcends the static and the linear while also maintaining connection to both.

To ask What Will Be is opening the door to a fluid motion between local and nonlocal, between What Is and What Will Be.

What Will Be feels the potency of The Call from the nonlocal possibility which exists in all moments.

What Will Be is an invitation to skate the infinite and eternal flow and dance with the beating heart of all possibility.

Whether you are aware or not before asking, What Will Be will open the door to deeper awareness of the universal and divine flows.

Standing in view of evolutionary creation, All That Is unfolds before you and within you, igniting potency and expanding fluidity.

As always, to walk this path in any moment is entirely your choice.

What Will Be?

Open your door and find out!

Insight Analysis 10242022: utilizing the Akashic Future Insight Factors, this analysis appears once a week within the Akashic Mystic Library. For more analysis articles, begin here: Akashic Future Library.