Insight Analysis 11282022

Insight Analysis 11282022 (for November 28, 2022) is the weekly investigation into the possibilities of the future embedded in the present moment. This analysis utilizes Akashic Future Insight Factors I created within my research with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records pick which insight topics are most needed to be raise into awareness. The initial questions are: What Is? What Will Be? Through their guidance, we follow their lead for insight into tomorrow and beyond.

We want to begin with a different question

What is the energy of today?

We answer this within a nonlocal perspective somewhat like we are looking at earth from space.

What we see is multiple layers of turmoil.

Within the body is the wariness brought on by COVID. Though this is a physical weariness which already existed and COVID amplified or intensified awareness of the fissures within the Body Human. These fissures are there partly because this is how the Body Human is organized.

At the fissures is the opening for new awareness, new choice, and new motion within expanding possibility. This is part of the miracle of the Body Human: a flexibility to adapt, to shift, and change. However, also at the fissures is the opportunity for fear to take over awareness and perception.

As a contagion, COVID generated and was generated by fear. This is the nature of contagion for on a heart and soul level, contagion originates and is propagated by intense emotion – most often fear. COVID represents a new type of contagion which mutates quickly because of the fissures created in the Body Human through errant medical practice and unstable nutritional practices. Essentially the Body Human is trying to subsist on faux food.

You, Little One, are caught in this web. At the cellular level your body is struggling to release the toxin of the faux medicine given to you as a child. Take the insulin and get the homeopathy for staph infection. This will release the toxin and your body will heal.

Little One, this is an example of what many are struggling with: deep cellular effects of faux food and faux medicine.

The path of balance and healing is to first let go of judgment on self. You have not made a mistake to blame yourself for.

Next is to not blame others for your situation. All that is happening is that you are coming to a deep awareness of What Is and that the folks around you are have been and are continuing to try to do their best.

The following step is to address your food – as much as you can move away from processed, packaged food and away from food with added chemicals. We also recommend that you consider the water you drink and choose that which is filtered of added chemicals such as chlorine. In fact, clean water is probably more helpful in avoiding chemicals than only food.

Know the toxins in your body will fight back. No longer being fed and because the chemical free food you will begin to eat will begin to replace the contents of your cells, pushing out the toxins. There will be fear which arises. There will be blame which emerges. As much as you can, stick to the new choices.

What follows then becomes a matter for each individual based on history and current situation.

Our best advice is to seek out support from others who are moving away from the faux and the false. Because there is much industrial, financial, legal, and political capital invested in faux food and faux medicine, the external voices will be loud and condemning.

Follow your truth and what feels right to you including ignoring this message if it doesn’t feel right to you. One of the outcomes of faux sustenance is a difficulty to trust self and believe personal truth.

Follow your truth always.

The effects of faux sustenance on the human heart is disconnection.

From our viewpoint, the Heart Human has been cut off from its inner strength by the contagion of Power-Over. Faux sustenance carries a matrix of doubt and coercive hate which interferes with the natural matrix of connection held and nurtured inherently by Heart Human. This faux matrix gains ascendancy within the Mind Human and becomes the guide for personal choice. Disconnection exists yet the faux matrix heights the separation.

However, the presence of the faux matrix will galvanized some to seek a different path. The presence of the faux matrix leads many to open their human experience to the possibilities of physical-spiritual integration. This integration also is very much part of the energy of today.

As the body and heart begin their restoration and are able to release the faux matrix, life for humanity begins to accept possibility unimagined even 50 years ago. Like the fissures in Body Human, there are points of balance between what was and is passing, on one side, and, on the other, what will be and is already arriving and becoming.

The foundation of the energy today is the threshold between what was and what will be.

You who read this are at the same threshold. Release whatever feels false to you in your life. Know that as you get through the inner shift away from the faux matrix and you release faux food and faux medicine, you will find the living clarity of your integration, body, mind, heart, and soul.

You do not need to wait for the integration of your physical nature and your spiritual nature because this integration is intrinsic to your human nature and exists within you NOW.

The faux matrix wants to convince you that you are neither worthy nor integrated, This is the foundation of the false narrative which tends to dominate and intimidate.

Choose you and your life of free choice and astute personal truth.

We love you and are here for you always.

Insight Analysis 10242022: utilizing the Akashic Future Insight Factors, this analysis appears once a week within the Akashic Mystic Library. For more analysis articles, begin here: Akashic Future Library.