The Truth of You

The Truth of You is an excerpt from Ten Secrets of the Akashic Records, Chapter 13.

Here’s where the rubber hits the road:

If you willing give up on yourself and let someone else tell you your truth, then it does not matter what road you travel because you have left you behind. 

Without you for you, YOU don’t live your life.

The right answer is the lure to forsaking yourself. The right answer is the shining jewel or the carrot on a stick used to convince you to say adios to you.

The right answer leads you on a path which benefits the expert – not you.

What’s the alternative to the right answer and the easy steps?

Begin with YOU!

Yes, you.

You are your own personal inner master. Within you is the trust you need to let your light shine and make your way in life.

Yes, you are not perfect. You will make mistakes – but don’t see each challenge as a sign of inherent unworthiness or failure.

Yes, you will encounter the pain and discomfort of the unexpected and the unwanted.

Yes, you have to learn trust in a process which requires vulnerability and risk.

Yes, you will still feel fear, but you will find ways to keep fear from controlling you and the steps you choose.

Yes, you are responsible for you.

Yes, you choose for you.

Your life is yours.

You trust you.

You believe in you – not because you’re perfect. Because you know you are capable and worthy, able to learn and grow, and give life a go.

You realize you are here to learn about you from you, from the master you are and are continually becoming.

You acknowledge the tough, the hard, and the raw, and by looking each in the eye, you no longer have to run and hide.

You are you, warts and wonderfulness both, learning to master opportunity and challenge.

With you trusting you, this shifts your perspective and your relationship with teachers, masters, loved ones, and the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records acts as a source of learning, one which offers you a place to reflect, a place of self-discovery. 

In the process of your spiritual journey, the focus has shifted from outside of you to inside of you. You are living your life from the inside-out.

The search for the right answer is living life outside-in where the external expert knows better than you.

With the inside-out approach, rather than accepting what a teacher offers, what worked for them, their truth, you are able to evaluate which parts, if any, might work for you, might be truth for you.

This approach of personal mastery shifts everything. You trust you can hear and receive your truth from within. When you listen to an outside source, you will recognize your truth because you will feel the authenticity and the alignment within you.

When you recognize your truth sometimes you get goose bumps or feel emotion well up. Sometimes you just know and feel no resistance or push back. In the face of truth, there is a sense of balance and resonance.

The need for an expert is transformed. No longer a source to lose self, now a point to recognize self. You have chosen you and are no longer willing to give yourself up to another.

You also have now activated an internal warning system for those experts who want to convince you that your truth is wrong and theirs is right. 

The validity of any information or advice is determined within. Experience, choice, and learning makes each person unique. Thus, what is true or what works for one person may not make sense or work for another.

If you are no longer being driven by fear, if you trust yourself, if you learn to recognize your truth, then when someone offers up something as their personal right answer, you will have the space to step back and consider if their right answer is your truth.

Now, no longer hidden, the power of your truth is available to you.

Now, the powerful support of the Akashic Records is no longer a secret for you.

The Truth of You is an excerpt from Ten Secrets of the Akashic Records, Chapter 13.