This Womb

Often, when I am looking to express feeling and experience, the words take the form of a poem. This is one of those I penned while contemplating my inner essence, my core, that which gives birth to me.

This womb has given birth to babies and more.

More life.  More love.  More trust … much more.

This womb, my womb, holds the center of my being and my loving.

Its radiating heat has fueled my abilities both heart and mind, body and soul.

My womb has been here through thick and thin and at times when I have left or given up my self to the self-indulgent and mindless disrespect of others.

A bowl of praise for my being.

A bowl of joy for connection.

A bowl of love for those times when I have not loved myself at all.

My womb.  My core essence.  Me.

Tied together across time and the spaceless wonder of all creation.

Always ready to birth again and again because that is life, truth, trust, and love.

I plant a seed in my womb, in its fertile warmth, in the cradle of my essence.

A seed of truth and trust.

A seed of deep inner knowing.

I feel the seed sprout and take root, nurtured and loved.

No longer the sense of a hollowed log.

Instead, as the seed leafs forth, new life for me emerges planted in

This womb, my womb, the center of I.

This Womb is one of many poems I have written. 

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