Thoughts on Divine Assistance

Thoughts on Divine Assistance: Because of the exchange between Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality and the motion between form and potential, the possibility of Divine Assistance posits that somehow the potential side can assist the form side.

What is Divine?

Looking from the physical human experience, Divine is perceived as beyond and as separate from human. Our dualistic perspective says to be human is to be other than divine. But, is this true?

Where do we always begin in the Akashic Records?

Everything is energy.

Energy flows on a continuum between potential and form.

Two important points are contained in these two statements in reference to Divine Assistance.

1. All is energy.

2. Continuum.

A continuum is a continuation not a path of discrete parts or experience.

Form is an experience of the continuum, not a separation from ALL.

Through this continuum is a constant flow or motion of energy, not a break or a division – simply different perspectives of one continuous flow of energy. 

There is no true separation – only an experience of separation when viewed solely from a physical perspective.

All energy, all energy flow is Divine. You are energy; thus, you are divine. Let that sink in a bit.

Divine Assistance and the Dynamic View

Much of human understanding about Divine Assistance is limited to the static view because contact is perceived to occur only within the physical and linear.

Whereas the dynamic view engages within the perspective of the infinite and eternal – the arena of divine awareness.

Shifting into the dynamic view requires the process of going in to go up.

Going in: the initial motion is within you as an internal process.

To go up: up is not a linear experience of up, or higher, or better. Here up means lifting or shifting into a perspective beyond linear. 

To go up is to find the inner perspective which ascends physical limitations, moving consciousness beyond embracing the spiritual solely through the limitations of the static view.

What resists acceptance of Divine Assistance?

Resistance comes from a lack of trust, the limitations of personal expectations, or a desire for proof.

Without trust of self or the process of seeking Divine Assistance, nothing can happen. 

Caught within expectations of any kind, personal ability to allow will be compromised.

Ask begins the flow of Divine Assistance

Because the Divine wants to lend support and guidance, this is the maxim which applies to seeking Divine Assistance:

Ask and you shall receive.

To ask is to step up, commit, buy, be clear about intention, move within integrity. To ask is to claim an awareness of self. To ask focuses personal awareness to the internal experience of self. 

To initiate Divine Assistance, first consider and then decide what you shall ask.

The process of ask opens self to allow and energetically prepares self to receive by opening to awareness of self. 

Ask emerges from personal essence. Ask is formulated through personal structure. Ask is the center, the foundation of transmutation and transformation. 

Ask clears space in the moment for the divine flow of All That Is to enter, to interact, to assist.

When you ask, you are letting go of the solitary. Ask releases the energy of I must act alone, I am alone. 

When you ask, you open the door to allow yourself to receive. The asking initiates the receiving. Asking initiates the flow. The motion from the Divine comes from the ability to ask.

Ask is the entire process coming from the energy within you – your personal journey of open, allow, receive.

Allow awareness of the entire process of ask. In this awareness, open, allow, and receive.

Ask is often focused entirely on what is asked for. The feeling that Divine Assistance is nonexistent comes from this narrow focus. It is natural to associate cause and effect. For example, if I asked for X and I didn’t receive X, therefore Divine Assistance didn’t respond.

Plus, there can be an eagerness to blame self or other when desire goes unmet according to expectation.

However, by opening to an awareness of the process you can get a greater sense of the flow that is initiated in your ask and you can see to the possibilities of open, allow, and receive.

Open and allow offer a broader perspective beyond the limitation of expectation.

Ultimately, the point of asking is to allow a greater flow of energy than your own to enter and be a part of your life experience.

Within the continuum of life, there is not separation. Instead, there is connection. The ability to ask opens self to allow and receive within this divine connection.