Transformation and Transmutation

Energetically, from the soul’s point of view, there is an important difference between transformation and transmutation. In this short article, I provide definitions of both.

Transformation is a shift in structure.

Transmutation is a shift or change in foundation or essence.

Often seen as synonymous particularly on a physical level, on a potential level transmutation and transformation can be separated and the motion of each seen individually.

Transmutation is churning or motion within the dark soil of the soul, within the essence of the creative motion. Whereas transformation addresses shifts which are about structure. The two shifts can animate and affect one another and are not entirely independent.

The dark soil of the soul – and of life – contains and animates the creative motion of the universe. The soil contains and is Akasha as supreme organizing principle. Reaching into Akasha as an alchemical process is a gathering of primordial motion, allowing a view of the creative process which is both support and creative essence and thus is why transmutation is a shift in essence and transformation is a shift in structure.

Transmutation is an inner shift or change where Akasha participates by acting as a conduit to the in-flow of the new essence. This new essence arises from Akasha because Akasha is both container and contained.

Transformation is an inner shift of perspective outwardly focused. The essence of the individual is the same, but the view from in to out has changed. Akasha brings support from the inner essence to allow opening and receiving this in-out shift.

Creation is a combination process which first creates the essence of the brick and then the form of the brick. Akasha is involved in both steps where the other elements take their cue once the essence is established to support structural emergence.

Essence on a creational level is about how motion, knowing and intention interact to allow essence to emerge. The uniqueness of a form comes from the unique interaction of motion, intention and knowing and how essence emerges from the unique mix of the three as an expression of potential to form.

Transformation and Transmutation are concepts related to my overall understanding of Soul Energy Dynamics.