Vibration and Resonance

Cheryl’s Note: this needs to be re-written!! Working on it!

The Akashic Records at potential work within resonance and not vibration. New agreements for humanity have us moving from a focus on vibration to awareness of resonance.

What is the difference between Vibration and Resonance?

Vibration is a physical expression or sensation of energy.

Resonance is a finding of sympathetic congruence.

Vibration is a measure or standard.

Whereas resonance is a feeling of similarity and balance.

High vibration indicates a measurement and, at least to some extent, a judgment from a dualistic point of view of something measured as either good or bad.

Resonance does not judge as much as it searches for balance between separate flows of energy where the separation is no longer perceived or important because all flows are in balance one with the other.

Resonance is an inner feeling of harmony.

Balance is no push/pull, ease.