What are the Physical and Spiritual Impacts on Earth from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami?

What are the Physical and Spiritual Impacts on Earth from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

What effect did the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan in 2011 have on the planet, both physically and spiritually?

The way they would start to answer this question, first of all, is to say that we tend to think of the Earth in a fixed place. We have a perception that we’re in a fixed place, even though the Earth may be moving. Which gets to the whole idea of, is the sun moving round Earth? Or is the Earth moving around the sun? The answer to that question is that both are moving, and the discussion is about what is either also moving or not moving relative to what. So that point in space is actually more fluid. Even moment to moment, because if we’re moving, obviously, we’re not in exactly the same place, but it’s not even really true that after 365 days of the path of the Earth, we come back to exactly the same place.

So, last January 13, we weren’t exactly in this place. There’s a fluidity there. So that then when we have large Earth motions, like an earthquake, like a tsunami, like volcanoes, tornadoes, huge rainstorms will all move the Earth maybe just a slight bit, but it’ll get moved.

So they’re showing me this picture of the Earth with a light grid, like ley lines or the meridians of the earth. But it’s basically how energy is interconnected around the Earth, and everything that’s attached to the Earth is connected to the Earth.

And when you have a large atmospheric event, it affects that grid. So then, not only do you have a motion like a shift in the position of the planet itself, but you can also have a shift in the layout and the conduction of that grid. And it’s a grid, not just circles like longitude and latitude, there are actual interconnections, like its own sacred geometry pattern.

So when you have a large atmospheric event, there’s an effect on that grid, it shifts the geometry of it. A curve here ends up with a different arc, or a line there is either shortened or lengthened. Those are linear descriptions, but that’s more or less what happens. And when you have that kind of effect on the grid, it will also affect mass consciousness on the planet.

So especially with something like the Japanese earthquake and then the tsunami, because it was so big, and had a huge effect across the entirety of the Pacific Ocean, it affected every piece of land connected to or in touch with the Pacific Ocean, which is more than half the planet. So there is that effect geologically, geographically, atmospherically, but then it also moves into mass consciousness which has a lot more to do with the aggregate emotion on the planet.

So when you have an atmospheric event, even if you’re on the other side of the planet from that event, you can feel it. You don’t have to watch the news, you can feel the connection of it. And atmospheric events tend to raise fear. We may have people we know in that area and we feel for them and wonder if they are ok. That grid is part of the interconnection that we are all a part of. In a certain sense, it doesn’t have to be something big. There’s the whole idea of a butterfly doing something one way in one place, and it sets off a chain of events so something big happens in another place. The idea of this inner connection is that there doesn’t have to be a huge motion in order for there to be an effect, because it’s actually the subtle nuance of motion that tends to have the biggest effect, partly because its subtlety will mean that it goes unnoticed by more people.

So the things to really pay attention to are those moments where you just kind of shudder a little bit, you don’t know why, but as if there’s something there to pay attention to. And it’s not something to be afraid of. But it’s important to pay attention to it, because it’s indicating your awareness of connection. And that’s cool! That’s awesome! Because that’s how we’re learning and relearning how we are all connected. As far as the Records are concerned, they think that’s something that we should think is awesome. We should be filled with awe at that!

What are the Physical and Spiritual Impacts on Earth from the 2011 Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami? This one of many questions and answers with the Founders of the Akashic Records. Visit this page for more Q&A. Join a Q&A Session and ask your own questions!

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