What is Language?

What is Language? Through the Hall of Ancient Wisdom of the Akashic Records, this articles describes the development of sound-based communication on Earth within humanity

Language is indeed communication and communication is more than language.

In the earliest incarnations of humans on Earth – and in one of Earth’s earliest incarnations –human beings didn’t possess the physical apparatus to differentiate sound as you do now.

These beings were also much more inherently connected to the entirety of the planet.

You would say they had telepathy.

And they did.

With each other and with the both sentient and non-sentient forms like animals and mountains.

Thus, communication was mostly soundless.

They also used a form of hand signs to be able to move through forest, plains, and deserts without detection.

In this sense, they used their entire bodies as communication tools.

The concept of language as you experience it was foreign to them.

These humans also had very strong, long-term memories and could recall all feeling, sensation, motion, and communication across all of their lives.

They were one with the present moment and enjoyed an incredible connection to the awareness of all time.

In free time they would reenact moments of experience, telling the “story” to others not present using hand signs and body.

As they did this they would use what little voice they had to imitate the sound of the story – of the experience being reenacted.

Because of their telepathy, everyone understood these sounds.

This was the beginning of language on Earth.

The Earth Council decided to shift human experience to include spoken language.

For the Council, of course, knew of language and knew that humanity in its current telepathic form had intention which initially didn’t include humans as verbal beings.

The Council recognized the arising of this interest.

The decision was taken to shift human development to accommodate spoken language.

Thus, over linear time, early humans began to develop a more complex voice system which would allow the development of human-made, sound-based communication.

This is language: sound-based communication.

Literally of the tongue.

To allow this, human telepathy was tempered, and the belief that spoken language was the better form of communication was instilled.

The ability for telepathy remains and can be brought forward with clear intention.

How is language different than sound?

Essentially the difference is intention.

Language is an intentional use of sound usually with the intention to communicate.

Communication shares feeling, connection, and information.

As language became the primary form of communication, language became separated from knowing.

Knowing became the weaker form of communication.

However, this has the effect of reinforcing individual understanding.

With spoken language, the feeling of connection became less intense and no longer the primary point of connection between humans.

I one perspective, language reduced connection with group wisdom and expanded an inner sense of individual wisdom.

Thus, initially, the power of human-generated, sound-based communication came from overwriting and weakening the individual’s connection and reliance on group wisdom.

Story became individual explanation of experience.

However, the ability to tap into group wisdom and experience remained.

A bard is a storyteller of group wisdom.

There is much we can share with you about language.

Know that which we have just shared is a true explanation of the development and transmutation of human communication.

Ask: what is the language now of group wisdom?

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