What is the Direction of Our Ability to Live Life Freely?

What is the Direction of Our Ability to Live Life Freely?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

 In Canada, and Europe, they’re implementing a kind of social credit score, and it seems like governments are putting more and more restrictions on people’s abilities to live freely. What direction are we going in?

What do you mean by social credit score?

Participant explains: Like in China, if you say something on Twitter that goes against the government, and then you go shopping, with technology, in order to pay, you can just scan your face. But if you have done something wrong, then you won’t be able to open the machine to get for example a bottle of water. And it can get even more restrictive, so you won’t be able purchase food, if you are viewed as misbehaving. It sounds a little crazy.

The Founders continue:

And you see that happening in Canada?

Participant: Oh, yeah. Our government’s restricting speech and going after people constantly for going against the grain.

The Founders continue:

In the United States, there’s a whole discussion about being woke and what’s politically correct, and all those kinds of judgments about what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Is that similar to what you’re talking about?

Participant: Yeah, it’s like be PC so speak a certain way, or don’t have these thoughts, or else you’re automatically racist or homophobic or whatever. Fall in line, or else…

The Founders continue:

So the Founders have some things to say. First of all, what they would say is that the basis of what they hear you asking about as to what direction we are going in, in terms of who has control, let’s say it that way, is that we are coming out of a couple of thousand years in which everything about how we behaved was based on fear.

People take control because people are afraid. They want control to control people and make them afraid. So, fear has been the essence of how we barter with others. And then they see the shift that’s taking place where essentially people are starting to say, “No, I’m not going to live my life in fear. I’m not going to allow that anymore.”

So, a lot of political actions are made based on trying to maintain control of a group of people and generally, those in control are used to using fear to make that happen. And China in particular has a problem because they’ve got a lot of people, and they have a long history of using fear to maintain all those people. Then other countries like Canada, the United States, pretty much every country in Europe, Africa and Asia have politicians who are afraid of some other group, and they use that fear to maintain their power.

So the direction we’re going in is we are basically debating as a species about where we want power, how we want power and how we want fear to exist. The Founders don’t see you as someone that lives by fear. And so, you probably have a problem with situations or governments that are motivated by fear.

There are places in the world right now that are in the middle of violent wars, where there’s bombing and soldiers trying to kill each other and all that kind of stuff. This is more that a lot of our conflict has gone into an emotional mental place and is very specifically driven at our livelihoods. And so we end up feeling like we have to fight conflict in arenas that we would rather not have conflict.

Then we each have our own reactions to all of that. Some of us are still happy. The fear is the motion of scaring everybody to do what they’re told. And then the other side is saying the same thing: if we scare everybody enough, we’ll get what we want. And then there’s people who are like, no, I’m done with fear. I’m not doing that anymore. I want to live my own life. I’m able to feel comfortable connected with people and making choices for myself. I’m comfortable with knowing that I may make a choice that doesn’t end in the place that I want to be. But I’m okay with that. I am responsible for myself, I can do that.

So the direction we’re going basically then comes down to the motion between those who will abide by fear and those who essentially will abide by a sense of safety within connection. Does that make sense to you?

Participant observes: it just feels like, at least here in Canada, the mechanism of using fear to control us might be so restrictive that we won’t be able to live within that societal domain of fear because it’ll be so restrictive and controlling. It’s like, you either have to be part of it, or you can’t really survive, which sounds very conspiratorial.

The Founders continue:

There’s a lot of what goes on in the United States that feels very restrictive, like telling someone whether they can or cannot be pregnant doesn’t sit well. And all of us have something that pushes at us like that. And the thing to do, as best as you can, is not respond in fear but rather say, I notice this is happening, and it makes me concerned that this might happen. Is this thing that I’m worried about happening right now? Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. If it isn’t, you move on. If it is, then you say to yourself, “What can I do about it for myself, so that I don’t live in the worry of this?”

Part of that may just be that you have a plan B. Like, “Okay, I’m here right now and I’m good. And if this gets to a point where it’s more than I can put up with, this is what I’ll do. But I don’t have to go to plan B yet.” Or it may be “Now, it’s time for Plan D,” whatever that might be. It’s just that, in some respects, there’s not anywhere you can go in the world right now, except for maybe a deserted island that isn’t going to have this problem, because we’re all in the middle of it. It’s just showing up in different ways. And it’s showing up more clearly in different places, because the old is falling away.

That’s got a whole lot of people scared to death, so that they would rather abide in fear than abide within the peace of their souls. So it’s very much a moment to witness. It’s a moment to just say, “Okay, I’m aware that these things are going on, and people are making these different choices.” And then you have to decide whether that’s going to affect your life or not. And then at some point, Plan A or B need to kick in.

Participant: It definitely feels like there’s a crazy shift either in the process of happening or about to happen.

The Founders continue:

They would agree with you. It’s going to feel like it’s a crazy shift, especially for people who don’t like to abide by fear. Partly because you’ve worked really hard to get away from it being the controlling agent in your life. And why is it still going on? Well, it is still going on because there are people who haven’t worked through it yet.

And the crux of this is that the whole shift that’s happening on the planet is about the change of agreements, and the effect that change of agreements is having on everybody.

Another way to say it, and we go into this in Personal Power Mastery, is that it’s a shift from I must survive, to I can thrive. So what you’re acknowledging there in your question is the craziness of the folks that are still hanging out in survival mode, because they don’t see any other possibility. The Records would also like to assure you that we will move as a people to I thrive. It may not feel like it all the time, but it’s happening. And that’s where we will be 50 years from now.

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