What is Your Soul’s Eternal Dance?

What is your soul’s eternal dance? Your dance begins in the depth of your soul and is expressed in each moment through your BEING and BECOMING.

What is BEING?

BEING is the present moment experience of your presence and power within.

BEING is your awareness of you and your experience of you.

BEING is also your eagerness to learn, your openness to laugh and love.

All comes together within your perception of What Is now.

Because the world is not static, BEING is always in a constant shift, always finding and following where balance is.

BEING is dynamic, an expression of the infinite and eternal.


BECOMING is the dynamic progression of BEING.

This is the motion of the dynamic which carries BEING from one moment to the next.

Because everything is always in motion, BECOMING is the motion of BEING.

What is the Dance of the Soul?

This movement, this expression of BEING and BECOMING is the eternal dance of your soul.

All energy flows from potential to form to potential to form to potential in an unending experience of the infinite and eternal.

Your soul is no exception.

Your soul dances in this infinite and eternal boundlessness with joy and excited anticipation.

This is the Eternal Return – all energy returns, ebbs and flows, expands and contracts.

BEING and BECOMING are the human expressions of the infinite eternal flow of All That Is within this universe and across all dimensions physical, non-physical, and spiritual.

As human, this is the agreement of your existence on Earth.

This is how soul expression on Earth originates, creates, and sustains the integration of physical and spiritual.

All it takes is for you to be present to yourself, your awareness, your response to life.

Your BEING already exists.

Your BECOMING is already active in your life.

Your presence is your channel to the amazing dance of your soul in each moment of your life.

Always and forever.