Will the Motion of Power-Over Lead to an Unexpected Outcome?

Will the Motion of Power-Over Lead to an Unexpected Outcome?: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question:

 Is all of the motion coming from Power Over going to lead to a different outcome than we expect?

Participant:  I’ve had this feeling for so long that it’s not going to turn out as they want. And that was going to be my next question to the Founders, but you have fleshed the answer out for me in many ways. So it feels like it’s not going to turn out the way Power Over is expecting. But is it? Is the future going to come into being in a way that none of us are expecting?

The Founders continue:

That’s a great question to ask! Is all of this motion going to be more than what we expect? So what you alluded to there is the difference between Power Over and Power With, and that’s the crux of, I survive and I thrive, because Power Over is all about survival. Power With is all about thriving. And the Founders see that we are absolutely moving into the motion of I thrive and learning to live our lives with Power With and Power Within.

And 100 years from now, it will look completely different from what we can understand or expect right now, because the motion is towards all of us being aware in any moment of not only I am but also the conscious connection to Unity Consciousness.

Right now, we have ways of having momentary or maybe even sustained awareness of Unity Consciousness, or even just the intellectual capacity to begin to understand that something like that is there. But we’re not quite at that place where we can understand that we can have that experience in our physically-spiritually integrated bodies on Earth. Because up until now, for the last two or three thousand years, it’s been explained to us and kind of beaten into us that the only way that we can have that kind of integrated non-local awareness is to die and go to heaven, or be such an amazing human being that you ascend.

This is a motion towards an awareness that has been kept or reserved in only a very limited window for a limited portion of the population. And we’re moving into a place where that limitation is now understood to not exist. Because if one person on the planet can do it, we can all do it.

This is like part of the point of that saying that Buddha said that if you see Buddha on the road, kill him, because that’s not Buddha, Buddha is in you.

The divine awareness that we all have been told exists outside of us, because that’s how you control people through fear, that’s how you make them think that the only thing that they can do in their lives is survive, that is fading.

Now you tell a different story, a story that’s now opening, to understand and to be truthful in saying that we could all do this. For me, it’s part of the major understanding I have about what I do in the Records. I don’t do this because I’m some special human being. I do this because everybody can.

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