You as Sacred Space

You as Sacred Space: often thought of physical space, here we consider the personal aspect of this topic.

As this breath inhales, there is a moment of stillness before you release your breath in exhale.

This moment is of peace and the silent wonder of joy, as possibility steps forward to guide.

This is the essence of sacred space. Your burden is released, your environment is purified, and you are fully present to all of your being in this moment.

Here intention unfolds within the agreements of your integrity. Here your flexibility allows you to stand in witness to your own unfolding. In sacred space, judgment melts away as you stand within yourself with truth as your guide.

Sacred space is cleaning away the debris of your connection to All That Is as you feel within the wonder of infinite possibility.

Sacred space is unending, unguarded, unblocked flow of infinite connection as she allows you to hear and feel and understand in this moment your truth, your goodness, your ability to love.

Let this moment swell in your heart. Let this moment solidify your joyous understanding.

You can feel the possibility; you can sense the potential. Sacred space becomes sacred vision felt within as its picture blossoms from your heart, from your connection with All That Is.

Sacred space warms the soul and calms the mind as you find the still point within.

This breath in. Release.

This breath out, release.

Let go of all that does not serve; set aside, for a moment, all which is not to be finished.

You, in this moment of Sacred Space.

Gather what you need, open your Akashic Records, and ask your questions.

  1. What are my elements of sacred space?
  2. What can I do to prepare myself to step into sacred space when I open my Akashic Records?
  3. What can I do to live within sacred space in my everyday life?
  4. Show me my personal feeling of peace within sacred space.
  5. What steps can I take to move into sacred space at any moment?
  6. Is there anything else that the Akashic Records would like to tell me about sacred space?

You as Sacred Space is an excerpt from Open Your Akashic Records, Chapter 53: Sacred Space.

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