Life At Center


Life at Center by Cheryl Marlene

There is in this world a push to pull you off center.

Within you is an intense desire to stay connected, stay centered.

Entropy is the motion which pulls apart, a motion towards disorder.

Love is the motion which centers experience, providing connection, a tether, an ability to stand regardless of disorder.

Life is easily chaotic.

Truth as a guiding light is not always connected at the same spot moment to moment.

Stepping into the perceived chaos becomes an act of faith to find center, to feel into truth.

Embrace your chaos. And as you do, look for your center.

It’s there, always inside of you offering a path to truth. It’s not about push or pull.

BE. BE YOU. BE at your center in truth.

May this year which stretches through the unknown in front of you be full with heart-filled, lovingly centered connection with the deepest of your Being.

With Love and In Joy!



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