Life Can Be So Chaotic

Life can be so chaotic, pulling in multiple directions at once, pushing to find many places?to stand and experience.?

Between the push and the pull is the point to bring awareness.?

Instead of blindly reacting to push or to pull, find the place of balance?in your heart.?

In this moment is the opportunity to take this breath now. ?

Chaos cannot reign when you take this breath now.?

Chaos cannot obstruct the next?step of your path in this breath now.?

With this breath now, feel yourself begin?to move beyond either push or pull.?

With this breath now, the peace of this moment?begins to flow into awareness.?

With this breath now, choice returns and peace fills?your heart. ?

Whatever was pulling, whatever is pushing, nothing is as important as peace in your?heart in this moment now.?

Peace in your heart is where the strength of your BE-ing?emerges to guide toward whatever needs doing in this moment.?

Peace in your?heart supports and quiets chaos.?

In this Peace feel and understand what?is most important for you in this moment now. ??

Breathe Peace.?

Breathe Heart.?

Breathe in Peace in your Heart.



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