Life is a Dance

There is much beauty in the motion of life.

A dance which glides, sometimes falters, in the daily motion and flow of heart and mind.

In this dance of life, there is always choice.

Choice to be made in each moment about approach and engagement.

How do I begin? How do I dance?

Much of the dance’s beauty comes in the choice of steps and the delight of rhythm.

Slow and steady, short and syncopated, or a simple sample of all styles.

Within is the capacity of unlimited nature.

When it comes to the dance of life, sometimes I feel the need to sit quietly at the wall of the dance floor, catching my breath and getting my bearings.

Sometimes life’s dance requires some consideration and contemplation before I get my steps and rhythm.

Sometimes the dance is overwhelming and confusing, shaking my inner confidence, pushing at self-trust.

To take a break, to watch the dance, to ponder my choices is healthy.

From the wall, I feel the flow churning at the deepest levels and notice how this depth often goes unnoticed by even the most experienced.

I get that it is not always length of experience which matters but more about an inner willingness to pay attention to the subtle and the nuanced.

A willingness to acknowledge the pain and joy of this dance now, here.

For the point is not being all seeing — there is always something out of sight as dancers twirl and turn.

Instead, the issue is a trust To be claimed and to act as guide toward more steps, more partners, more dance.


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