Life PUrpose Right Before Your Eyes by Cheryl Marlene

Life Purpose Right Before Your Eyes

Your journey of a lifetime begins not with a step but with the willingness to consider a new possibility, a new perspective, a new personal truth.

Allowing the new allows your next step to adventure into new territory, into new possibilities.

Your willingness to consider is the break with a past which no longer serves, creating in this moment your soul’s life journey.

Your life purpose doesn’t exist in some magical world accessible only by the elite and the gifted. Your life purpose unfolds right before you each time you consider new possibilities and feel within the truth of your next step.

Know Thyself is an active process of self-discovery, not a process of pre-ordained, imposed steps to the easy life.? Your life purpose is thus not a stagnant thing, pre-determined and beyond your control.

Your life purpose is the unfolding happening within that you create and that you claim and that you follow because you feel the truth and know it to be your life’s journey, your life’s purpose.