Living Within Unity Consciousness

Living Within Unity Consciousness: in this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: 

How do we learn to live within Unity Consciousness?

The very first step is to learn to be comfortable with who you are physically and who you are spiritually. Trust is the foundation of this integration because it’s asking you to trust something that you don’t know the entirety of. You can understand spiritual and you can understand physical, that the integration of that is something that you are, every day, every moment, learning more and more about. Trust becomes critical to the whole understanding of unity consciousness.

One of the ways to think about unity consciousness is to think about it as surrendering to the unknown, to be willing to step into the unexpected, to be willing to jump off a cliff. In other words, whatever scary thought you can think about — like flying into the unknown — it’s becoming comfortable with that process. Because when you are physically-spiritually integrated, you’re much more likely to be able to not live your life in fear, and instead live your life and trust. This means you start to learn deeper and deeper levels of what it means to trust yourself within the unknown.

Then the next step after that is to do things that require you to step into the unknown. That’s one of the reasons why learning how to open the Akashic Records, for example, has benefit because that’s essentially what you’re doing: trusting yourself to step into the unknown when you open the Records.

You’re going there because of something you would like to know or to understand or to explore, or to let go. In and of itself, by definition means you’re stepping into the place that you don’t know, you’re stepping into someplace that you really can’t expect. You learning how to do this is a great way to begin to move into unity consciousness.

Unity consciousness means it’s not about letting go of who you are, it’s about being able to come into connection or come into communion with multiple flows of energy This is what we do when we go into the Akashic Records, we are essentially coming into sync, coming into balance, coming into equilibrium, with multiple flows of energy. That’s part of the reason why we say the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones — because we’re not talking about connecting with the One. We’re talking about connecting with the many. It’s in that process of learning to connect with the many, you then begin to be able to understand how to consciously connect with the One.

Unity Consciousness in and of itself actually has its own different levels. There certainly is the level where you can connect with Unity Consciousness, and essentially, you don’t lose yourself, you don’t lose your body or anything like that. You have moments where you are so aware of your connection with On Source, that from a linear point of view for a period of time, you lose. Now, they don’t want to say lose. Instead, they want to say you’ve set aside your personal sense of yourself, and you melt. It’s like a melding, it’s a melting with the awareness of All That Is. You’re still connected, and you’re still able to be conscious of yourself. But it’s like when we go into the Akashic Records, there’s a way in which we put our own individual personal awareness to the side. You put it on the back burner or something like that, where it’s not in front of you, it’s not getting in the way.

You moving into Unity Consciousness is very similar because you can get to you if needed. You’re not just completely walking away from yourself. But you’re also putting it in a place where that’s not the leading edge of your awareness. In a certain sense, what you’re doing is you’re yielding to that connection with eternal source, essentially, through the unexpected, right?

Because even doing it once doesn’t mean that it’s going to be exactly the same every time. Like when we open the Records, there’s things about that are similar from time to time. But each time you still have to go through the process of making sure that you’re not bringing stuff with you that’s getting in your way. You’re able to put that to the side and feel that you can come into connection with whatever it is. You’re stepping into the great unnamed.

That’s why it’s a lot about how you connect with the unexpected because you can’t really even name it. You can’t really describe it, because it’s that which is beyond description.

If you get used to dealing with the unexpected, and you’re able to live with trust, and you get used to stepping into the unknown, that’s what helps you be able to move into an awareness of unity consciousness.

There is a way in which working with the Akashic Records, at least the way that we do and they the way they work with us and they share with us. is a form of unity consciousness. We are connecting with the consciousness of the many. All the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones, friends, whoever we come in contact with there are a part of that huge ocean — that unity consciousness. It’s another layer of awareness like we we talk about, like the difference between local and non local awareness. And so unity consciousness is like the far edge of nonlocal awareness.

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