Local and Nonlocal Viewing Perspectives

Local and Nonlocal Viewing Perspectives are about the point of observation with the Akashic Records when considering events outside of the present moment. In this work, it is important for the point of observation of a historical event to be clear.

There are four components to this and are described from the point of observation of the event (not the observer unless the observer was present at the event):

  • Past and Present
  • Local and Non-Local

I will describe the four combinations. This is a really tricky topic to grasp. My best suggestion is to read and feel yourself viewing from each perspective. No need to make complete sense of it right now.

Present view is your present of the event.

Past view is looking back from your present to the point where the event happened.

Local is personal

Non-local is like bird’s eye view

Local & Nonlocal perspectives

Local Past: observation looking back at the event and usually a report of someone who was there or witnessed some portion of the event or the after-events.

Local Present: observation from a respondent who was involved or directly observed.

Non-local Past: observation looking back at the event from a bird’s eye view, a view of a third-party observer.

Non-local Present: observation from a bird’s eye view of the event.

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