Misdirection of Future is All

Understanding the Misdirection of Future is All is important in being able to do your work. First, a definition:

Future is All is the belief that personal agency of this moment must always be deferred to the promise of future rewards at end of life.

In life, the greatest unknown is death. Nothing can guarantee nor prove definitively what happens after death – if anything.

To manage this great unknown, religion and metaphysics have created myth, story, and belief to help explain and make sense of the ineffable.

One of the primary beliefs humanity has lived with for millennia is that there is a final judgment after death to determine if the soul is condemned to hell or is given entry to heaven. Hell is for the evil and the bad. Heaven is for the worthy, those who have proven they are good and deserving of reward.

Because fear of the unknown after death is so strong, this belief in final judgment has determined that for positive future outcome at the end of life there is nothing more important than alignment with divine transcendence. The great unknown, God, is perceived to be the best mediator for comprehending and transacting the big unknown, death.

This belief sets up the ultimate test of Blind Production: how do you live life worthy enough to be rewarded with entry to heaven?

The answer is to focus the entirety of your existence in proving your worth and taking actions which will be judged as worthy by the divine adjudicator. In Egyptian mythos, for example, this final judgement is a literal weighing of the heart where the rewarded soul will be found to be lighter than a feather.

Thus, the Future is All.

Life now must be lived toward the moment in the afterlife when fate is determined and sealed for eternity. Future is All becomes the frame of reference for all decisions and actions in life.

If self-absence and self-denial are present, then trust and choice about how to ensure future reward are faulty and possibly non-existent. In the most fundamental way, life is then exposed to the empty promises of Power-Over and its accompanying judgment, manipulation, and coercion.

Fear of failure at this penultimate moment is used by Power-Over to exert control towards its own agenda, defend disappointment with and divert attention from the current conditions of life, while being perceived as guarantying positive future outcomes to those who follow the dictates of the powerful. Used this way, Future is All is the ultimate frame control and leverage point to justify the means to any end.

Caught in the fear of the future, banking everything on the Future is All appears to help the individual transcend the trials of the present with promises of the future – especially when the big unknown is inevitably faced.

The exhortation is to relinquish self now to secure passage to heaven in the future of inevitable death.

However, the hard truth is simple: the future cannot be guaranteed.

In any moment, the best guarantee is you and your ability to live life despite the looming unknown.

Thus, instead of Future is All, life is lived now. Here, in this moment.

If you believe in your worth, trust your truth and your ability to choose, then you have the necessary agency to find the rewards inherent in the beauty of life itself present in this moment here and now.

In each moment, begin within.

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