Mother Earth & Depleting Resources

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer.

Q.? Many people are worried about depleting the resources of Mother Earth, the woods, the waters, the soil. What can we do to save the planet?

A. First of all, give up the fact that the Earth needs saving. Because as far as we are concerned everything always happens at the right place and time. There is nothing that happens on the Earth that isn’t the right action at the right time. If you have a hard time believing this: understand that there is perfection in each moment. From our point of view, if someone is “polluting” it is what they need to be doing at that place and time. What you call pollution is not something we see as bad. We see it as what that person needs to be exercising at that place and time. While humans may perceive that resources are being used up, it is impossible. Also please see that in all action there is a higher reason. If you perceive that the trees are being used up, the higher reason may be that the trees are making a place for something else to come in. The trees don’t go because someone is doing something bad to them. The trees move on because they are going to the next place in their evolution. Everyone is always moving further along on their highest path – even trees. If you feel like you have to save a forest, it is presumptuous for you to think that you can know what is in a tree’s or forest’s highest good. All you can ever really be certain of (and most people struggle deeply with this) is: what is in your highest good. You are responsible for yourself and you are not responsible for anyone else, anything else. You are not responsible for the trees. You are responsible for bringing yourself joy in each moment. Where is your bliss? How are you connected to the powerful Now? This is your responsibility. When you are focused on your responsibilities, you don’t have time to worry about other people and their responsibilities. If you want to do something to help the planet, the best you can do is to work on becoming aligned with yourself. Finding within yourself that place where you are fully connected to all that is. When you are fully connected, you will also see the perfection that we see in every moment of our existence and yours. Mother Earth senses arrogance in the statement “the earth needs to be saved”. What some do not understand is that there have been many, many, many human civilizations on Earth and some civilizations from your linear perspective have done much worse to the Earth and yet the Earth is fine. Even if you figured out how to blow up the Earth with a bomb, or something similar, how are you so sure that this isn’t in the Earth’s highest good? And how you are you so sure that this would destroy the Earth? Just as you take form and lose form, take form and lose form, again and again and again and again, the Earth does the same thing. If you are fully connected to your Now, you will not be polluting. There is nothing to “save” except your sense of joy and self-responsibility.

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