Mother Earth’s Emotions

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer.

Q.? Do Mother Earth & Planet Earth have emotions like us?

A. Mother Earth does not feel emotion like a human being. She doesn’t feel sadness or pain. All she feels is joy because Mother Earth is always 100% connected with All that is. Mother Earth is in total consciousness, in total connected being all the time. From your linear point of view she doesn’t have emotion like us. Planet Earth, however, is a bit different from Mother Earth. Imagine a picture of the Earth and see ripples of waves of energy moving around the Earth. When there is concentrated emotion at some place on Earth, then this concentrated emotion creates a wave. To people that are sensitive, these waves can feel like the energy of the Earth. What they are sensing is the Earth reflecting human energy as waves. If you feel like you are getting sadness out of Mother Earth, what you are getting is the reflected human energy that there is sadness about Mother Earth. However, the physical body of the Earth does resonate energy. If you take a tuning fork and hit it on a table, there is energy that resonates through the metal of the tuning fork. But that energy is not the tuning fork. But where does it come from? Is it coming from hitting the table? Yes, but is it the table’s energy? There is energy there, but it is not the tuning fork. The Earth says that energy moves through it like a tuning fork, but this energy is not the energy of either Planet Earth or Mother Earth – though it can feel like it. The physical aspect of the planet is much more like a human body where energy does resonate or move through, yet it is not the planet’s energy. The Earth can also have physical reactions to the movement of that energy. The energy can build up over a period of time and this movement doesn’t have the same cause and effect like humans think of in a linear sense. It almost impossible to be intentional about it. For example, you couldn’t all get together at some place and send a wave of energy through the Earth and make an earthquake on the other side of the Earth. It is not something that is controllable in Human Time.

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