Moving Away from Blind Production

Moving Away from Blind Production is one of the fundamental ideas in my soon-to-be-published book, To Do Your Work.

One of the main focuses of my writing over the last couple of years has been on the pressure points in modern life which get in the way of you living within your personal power-within.

Fundamental to these pressure points is the idea I call Blind Production.

Blind Production is the mistaken notion that you must prove your personal worth.

Blind because you can’t see exactly what you you are meant to do.

Production because this false belief is based on what you ought to do.

Here’s the problem with Blind Production: you can’t successfully prove your worth.


Because your worth is intrinsic!! There’s nothing to prove.

As you are, you are a worthy, wonderful human being.

Sure, you got work to do.

Sure, there are attitudes to release, beliefs to strengthen, stories to throw out.

But the presence of challenge is not proof that you are not worthy.

What keeps us in the rat race of trying to prove self worthy is this fear: I am no good.

The critical voice inside your head has a million ways to tell you that your truth is you are a failure, inept, unworthy.

You can choose to wallow in this malarkey.

You can also choose to look at yourself and begin within to shift the mean judgment into statements of your personal Power-Within.

For myself, I actually did wallow for a bit.

Then I said, “ENOUGH!!”

Little by little, I took every horrible thought that the critical voice said about me and I asked myself, “Is this true?”

Most of the thoughts, I was absolutely clear, were not my truth any longer.

The statement: I am too slow and can’t keep up, I turned into this:

Everything moves toward me quickly and easily.

The statement: I am never enough, I turned into this:

I am always enough. I always show up for myself with all I need.

I have a ton of example, and hopefully you get the idea.

As you shift what you say to yourself about yourself, you shift your sense of worthiness and you find you no longer need to push out into the world to find the always illusive proof.

Instead, you find within yourself your worth.

This begins your journey into learning about yourself and of being present to yourself.

This also stops the push of Blind Production and the demand that you prove what is already inherently you.

Reply to this email if I can help you find a way to shift one of those awful sentences of your critical voice.

Know you’ve got this! You are an amazing being just as you are!

In Joy!

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