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Moving Beyond

On all levels: body, mind, heart and soul

Leading-Edge Study for Advanced Students

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Ready for the Deep Dive?

This is a partnership with Cheryl which supports you to . . . . . Move Beyond!

Each workshop session will be guided by Cheryl’s current work and study, introducing new ideas and new activities in and beyond the Akashic Records.

The content is in this moment, now — based on Cheryl’s perceptions of where the group is and what everyone needs.

Study in this fashion asks you to be flexible and open and willing to follow your path however it appears and wherever it leads.

You want to venture into and beyond the Akashic Records — past limits, expectations and fear.

Together, we explore, we share, we journey . . . . beyond!

What’s Included?

Workshop Sessions — 2 hours at a time, twelve times a year

Outside Practice — whether with a partner or on your own there will always be a way to step into whatever is presented in session

Directed Research — both within and outside of the Akashic Records

Private Study — up to you to decide; always optional.

Archive and Community Support —  You know that stuff Cheryl offers that most other teachers don’t?  Like Connection Clinic, recording archives, 15-minute free check-in calls, small groups — always included!

How Does Moving Beyond Work?

First, you must be able to work in the Akashic Records both for yourself and for Other (or have Cheryl’s permission).

We meet monthly throughout the year — you attend the live event or you take in the workshop through the recording.

You add Private Study with Cheryl to support and intensify your experience — this is optional as well.

Program Fees

Moving Beyond:

Program Fee:  $125 a session or $900 for one year of twelve sessions (Payments available)

2019 Dates:  Always at 9am Pacific Time on January 24, February 21, March 21, April 25, May 23, June 6, July 18, August 22, September 26, October 18, November 21, December 19. Please know that these dates may change if needed to accommodate any shifts in Cheryl’s schedule.

Moving Beyond Intensive

For those students who want additional support, expanded personal research, or intensified personal growth, including Private Study with Cheryl is highly recommended.  To include this with Moving Beyond, check with Cheryl.

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