Weekly Affirmation: My body Feels Alignment with the Clear Truth of My Heart

Alignment is a process of balance or agreement. Feeling out of alignment is a feeling of misplacement, feeling that the parts are not lined up appropriately.

Much of your spiritual journey addresses the process of alignment to support your motion along your path.

Each experience you have, each feeling you recognize, and each desire which arises asks for alignment within your body, mind, heart, and soul.

When you live a life aware only of your five senses, then you are filtering your life through your mind and body.

Opening your spiritual path, alignment begins to consciously include your heart and soul. As a result, your body can appear to be in opposition to your heart, at a remove, unconnected.

Checking in with the wisdom of your body begins the connective process which reflects the motion of who you are both physically and spiritually.

This brings body and heart together and you can affirm:

My body feels alignment with the clear truth of my heart.


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