My Mind Finds Peace in the Truth of My Heart.

When I embrace my life’s upsets instead of pushing them away, I find I can create a path of peace for myself.

When I push upset away and tried to ignore my feelings, then the upset digs deeper to find entry. The upset hangs on and pulls me down—until I acknowledge its presence.

Accepting upset gives me the opportunity to understand the deeper currents of why I am upset and what triggered the upset. Giving attention to the upset, releases tension and allows clear vision to emerge.

When ignored, upset pulls at my mind creating foggy barriers and spikes of anger which interrupt and obscure peace within.

With attention, truth emerges from my heart and eases the fogginess and calms my angry urges. This is not a fix or cure to make upset go away. Instead, the attention creates connection between my mind and my heart allowing peace within so that I attend to the upset.

Trusting that I can attend to upset when it shows, allows my heart to find peace in the truth I open to. In this place of acceptance and greater ease, I can affirm:

My mind finds peace in the truth of my heart.


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