My Nine

What’s important in your life?

I like to ask myself questions to focus on my life’s direction and to help me understand within a broad view and a closer look.

To do this I have created what I call My Nine.

I choose three related questions.

In asking the questions, I brainstorm a bit and come to three words for each question which answer the query.

I take the nine words lining them up by the questions.

First response trio on the top line, second in the middle, and third on the bottom.

I use My Nine to help me focus on whatever is on my mind or needs to be accomplished.

Here’s how I got to My Nine.

Question #1: What are my three gotta-bes in life?

First, I thought of the three elements I must be in my life. Which in a sense, is also a list of gotta-dos.

For me, these three are how I live my life.

In a way this was difficult because there are many possibilities which resonate.

I narrowed my list by choosing the three I couldn’t, in the moment, live without.

Question #2: What gets me to my three gotta-bes?

Again, a bit of doing is involved, but the focus is on being. For me these three are how I live my life.

Question #3: What are my three non-negotiable gotta-haves?

Last, I focus on what I want in my life and won’t negotiate or deny or ignore.

These provide the foundation to the other six and are like bedrock to my soul.

Again, many choices appeared.

I focused on what I know I can’t live without.

Then I stack them up, write them on a card I hang by my computer where I can see them as I work.

What are your nine?

Give it a go!

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