Weekly Affirmation: My Heart Opens Me to Hear the Deepest Truth of My Being and Becoming

In this moment, you are who you are.

Every experience, every decision, every thought, belief, and feeling are melded together within you to create your being in this moment.

Experience in this moment and how it influences, interacts, and integrates with your being is who you are becoming.

Being is the expression of you now.

Becoming is the expression of the process of your being moving from this moment to the next.

Your heart is the point of focus and awareness of the interaction of motion between being and becoming.

From this awareness emerges your truth, emerges the authentic awareness to recognize your being and claim your becoming.

Heart-open hears truth.

Truth received fuels the depth of who you are and can become.

To live life within your soul’s authentic expression, affirm:

My heart opens me to hear the deepest truth of my being and becoming.


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