Natural Earth Rhythms

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked the following question and received this answer.? A follow-up question evolved.

Q.? Is there anything you can tell us to help us understand earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and other physical phenomena that cause many human beings distress and pain?

A. ?Physical phenomena are the necessary adjustments that the Earth makes from time to time to accommodate its physical form. These adjustments are never intentional, nor intended to cause harm, upset or inconvenience. These movements of the Earth are similar to the hiccups, burps, and farts of the human body. It is just the way planetary energy needs to accommodate to its form, release energy, let off steam. This is a very natural process. There is some correlation to the worrisome attention that is given to physical phenomena by humans. If a large group of people in one place think that an earthquake is going to happen nearby at some time in the near future, this attention won’t cause the earthquake to happen but it does make the likelihood of an eruption much stronger. There is a linear aspect to the physicality of Earth that is similar to the human body. The Earth has its own sense of linear time called Earth Time. Earthquakes and similar types of physical phenomena including the weather happen in time with the Earth’s own sense of timing rather than with the human sense of time. Let us explain further. Like humans, the Earth is also energy that has also taken the form of matter. The Earth has both a physical aspect and a spiritual aspect. The physical aspect has the time dimension. Because the Earth is energy that has taken the form of matter just like humans, the Earth also has its own timeline, its own sense of time called Earth Time. Earth Time and Human Time are not the same; they are two different times. Human Time is very linear. Earth Time is also linear but has a different rate or rhythm from Human Time. The occurrence of physical phenomena such as earthquakes happens in line with Earth Time and not in line with Human Time. Humans don’t have a sense of Earth Time and don’t need to have a sense of Earth Time because it moves you out of the moment. Besides there is nothing there for you to control and doesn’t need to be part of your awareness. Although as you move into an awareness of higher consciousnesses for yourselves you will become more aware of Earth Time.

Q.? Is this about the natural rhythms of nature?

A. Yes, it is. Whenever energy takes form, becomes matter, energy has a natural rhythm. The oscillation of energy creates a natural rhythm. All energy with form has its own natural rhythm. Humans are in balance with Earth Time when you are in your joy. You don’t need to be worrying about trying to be in balance with Earth Time. All you need to do is concentrate on being in balance with your own individual time. It is all about self responsibility. Ultimately the only choice you have is this: Are you going to be responsible for yourself and live in this powerful moment right Now? Or are you going to jerk yourself out of the powerful Now and live within some other sense of time that will never happen? The basis of all physical phenomena is a very strong sense of rhythm, ebb and flow, come and go, give and receive. Out of balance with your Now, you are not connected to this foundational rhythm. If you are fully connected in the moment, then you are connected with all sense of time, all sense of rhythm and you will fully understand why the earthquake happened when it did. Earth’s movement of energy will not frighten you or inconvenience you. When you are in balance, everything that happens is what happens. You are in balance with the natural rhythm of the Earth and the universe. There are two ways for human beings to be in balance. One is for their subtle energies to be in balance. The other is to have past, present and future in balance. We know that whenever you are fully in the present moment, past present and future is always completely balanced. You are also completely connected to all possibility both past and future. With a limited experience of this balanced connection, when you do feel the connection, it feels huge and overpowering. Connection is huge in comparison to the perspective you get when you are living either in the past or in the future but not living in the present. See a ball of steam rising up in to the air and curling over itself in all directions. The column that creates the bubble of steam is you completely in balance and your energy going up and connecting completely with all that is. The ball is made of vortexes of energy curling out in every direction and connecting with everything that is, in all moments. Perfection is in each moment.

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