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New Beginnings Readings by Cheryl Marlene


New Beginnings Reading with Cheryl

Whether it’s the New Year, a new project, or a new You, you know you are ready!

For a New Beginning!

And you want clarity and support to successfully find your path!

In a New Beginnings Reading, Cheryl offers you powerful support as you step forward.

Release: letting go of what may block your path forward.

Attention: finding focus and identifying what you bring forward into this effort

Commitment: claiming integrity and naming the agreements for you to make

Intention: identifying where you are in your purpose and how this might shift to help you successfully create your New Beginning.

The Purpose of New Beginnings

Help you identify, evaluate, clarify and declare your intention,

Then create a plan for implementing your New Beginning.


How This Reading Works

Prior to the Reading, Cheryl will ask you to identify your New Beginning and your intention or goal.

During the Reading, Cheryl offers the following questions for you to ask.

Of course, you may include your own question.

New Beginnings Questions:

  1. In need of release, what stands in my way?
  2. In need of attention, what do I bring forward to help me begin?
  3. In need of commitment, do I shift my intention?? What are my next steps?
  4. With clear intention, how do I begin?? How do I follow through?

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