One-on-One Mentorship

Packages of One-on-One Sessions with Cheryl

Accountability to go below the surface of your life into the sticky bits holding you back from your awesome life!

Feel the need for focus, support, and a guiding light to do your personal work?

There are so many reasons to seek support and guidance:

  • As you become aware. When you get stuck. When you know something is off.
  • When you’re in transition. When you feel called to be intentional about you and the direction of your life.
  • If you have questions. If you are ready to let go of pointless patterns and irritating habits.
  • If you are dissatisfied with a relationship or the stall in your career or business.
  • When trusting yourself is challenging. When you know you need to pivot to get through the crossroads.
  • When you are ready to bring your dreams to life. When you want nothing more than to challenge yourself to live your best life.
  • When the time is now to get straight, let go, and move forward as the amazing person you are and can become.
  • When you know a huge giant step won’t solve your worry or your fears or your disappointment in yourself.
  • When it’s time to land the dream job or launch your new business.
  • Time to get the kids going in the same direction or figure out empty-nest life.

Ultimately, when you want to move beyond the surface and get to the deeper layers of life, this is the truth you come to:

Now is time for you get focused and do the necessary personal work to move forward!

What is the One-on-One Mentorship?

Wherever you are in your life, next steps happen through your effort, your self-belief, and your ability to trust you.

The hardest part is seeing the habits and patterns which burden your effort.

You are like a beautiful, complex jigsaw puzzle — beautiful to experience, complicated to assemble.

My One-on-One Mentorship is geared to assist you in finding the missing pieces and supporting your process of discovery and assembly.

Consisting of a series of one-on-one sessions with me, in each session you bring your questions and concerns. I open your Akashic Records for response and input, for exploration into whatever is holding you back, and for suggested next steps.

Across the series of sessions we will assess the typical holdbacks: outdated habits and patterns, the presence and effects of residual trauma, roadblocks on all levels, and the insidious shadow of fear.

All levels includes body, mind, heart, and soul, this life or beyond, multi-dimensional or inter-dimensional, ancestral and multi-generational.

I have a general outline I follow depending on the length and number of sessions you pick for your Intensive. However, everyone has their own path so I adapt in response to your intention and the guidance you receive from you Akashic Records.

Plus, we can also focus your Intensive on specific personal intention:

  • How to move through divorce or other life challenges.
  • How to grow your business.
  • How to clarify the arc and the characters in the book your writing.
  • How to let go of a specific fear.
  • How to move beyond co-dependence.
  • How to believe in yourself and your intrinsic worth.
  • How to release layers of trauma
  • How to begin, continue, or sell your business.
  • How to identify ancestral legacy and embrace its energy and gifts.
  • How to find answers to mystery in your life.

The possibilities are unlimited.

What will make this Mentorship successful for Me?

The success of the Mentorship depends on you.

It’s tough getting your act together. It’s not easy to get clear and let go of what worked yesterday but no longer does today.

You gotta take responsibility and let go of the expectations and stories and sticky bits which no longer serve you.

For me it’s been about being willing to deal with the real, the raw, and the tough.

What I have found is these three show up to help us find what’s true, what’s present, and what’s worthy within us.

Remember, you are that which you seek. What you are looking for outside of yourself, you will find within.

This Mentorship guides your journey as you explore the deeper layers of your life, finding the pieces, and realizing you are an amazing whole person ready to live life fully. With trust, truth, and joyful passion for the amazing person you are!

When you do your work, the deep road of life opens to you, leaving expectation and fear behind.

Life becomes a journey into the amazing mystery within and around always.

What is included in the One-on-One Mentorship?

This Intensive is an open door to ALL of my Akashic Records courses and monthly workshops with personalized support from me as you study, learn, and advance.

Multiple One-on-One Sessions with Cheryl

Instead of disconnected sessions here and there, the Mentorship brings focus to your life and personal work.

Each session shines a light on what needs to be addressed and released so you can clear your life of current challenge, figure out next steps, and accomplish your goals.

The sessions are either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Plus you can choose either 3 or 6 sessions which expire one year from purchase. Do every month or every other month — your choice.

All sessions are done within your Akashic Records and we will connect via Zoom.

Personalized Guidance

This Intensive adapts to you and your journey. I have a general outline of topics to explore including outdated habits and patterns, the presence and effects of residual trauma, roadblocks on all levels, and the insidious shadow of expectation, blame, fear, and judgment.

Plus the work includes all levels body, mind, heart, and soul, this life or beyond, multi-dimensional or inter-dimensional, ancestral and multi-generational.

The adaptation follows your personal intention and suggestions from your Akashic Records.


Doing your work is not an easy path. There will be confusion, seemingly good reasons to continue denying or ignoring. Pressure within and around you to judge yourself and give up.

I have no problem holding you accountable to your stated intention and to your process. Each session you will decide next steps, objectives, and directions to explore and research. When we get together, I will go through these choices and check-in on where you are.

Know I believe the purpose of accountability isn’t perfect completion. Instead the intention is to expand awareness of your process and what you learn as you follow and experience the path of your intention.

Monthly Payments at Name-Your-Price Rates

I am committed to making my programs easily accessible by people around the world.

Thus, payment for any mentorship is based on a range of payment levels and can be either a one-time fee or monthly payments. Whatever you choose, you will save compared to paying for sessions one by one.

Free Digital Books

All participants received two important spiritual journey books to use during your mentorship study.

How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey: learn the primary spiritual concepts which support you path.

500 Questions to Ask the Akashic Records: lots of question suggestions to help you focus on what you want to know and what you want to let go.

75% Discount on the Mentorship with the Akashic Records Intensive

The One-on-One Mentorship combines very well with the Akashic Records Intensive where you learn to access the Akashic Records first at the introductory level, them moving into advanced studies.

If this is of interest, complete the Akashic Records Intensive application.

How do I know if this Mentorship is the Right Path for Me?

To get to clarity, it helps to have a guiding light illuminating your truth so you feel confidence in your choice.

Receiving an Akashic Record Reading can be a source of light, revealing what you can’t imagine and what you know often instinctively is true.

If you both challenge yourself to deal with ambiguity and look for support to make sure you are grounded and not going crazy, then the commitment of this Mentorship can be the path of clarity and truth.

Often it’s not enough to read a book to get to the deeper layers.

You know you need more. Guidance when you hit a rough patch. Support when resistance rears its snarky head.

You want to work with me in-person.

You are ready to tear down your wall of inner resistance to trust personal truth, and ignite the best of your being and becoming.

You love a challenge.

If anything I’ve described rings true for you, then you will probably find committing to the personal work of this Mentorship is for you.

I won’t hold your hand and create more dissonance.

Instead, I hold sacred space for you to discover your power within and figure out how to live your life from this strength.

I will walk with you as guide willing to witness your process and make suggestions for you to trust yourself, find personal truth, and explore the amazing world we all share.

Cheryl Marlene, Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

Know you are in powerful, supportive hands!

I am here to provide you the sacred space you need to shift and expand at all levels of your life.

I have been working within the field of spiritual consciousness for over 25 years, teaching for at least 20, and I have instructed thousands of students around the world. My paths of innovation are the deep concepts of ancient wisdom, personal power and the Akashic Records.

I’m really good at getting to the real, the raw, and the tough parts of life. I’m also really good at explaining what seems complex and difficult in easy-to-understand concepts without losing either the depth or the authenticity of the challenge or the joy.

Many have found the deep connection I offer to activate powerful personal growth within even if you aren’t exactly sure at first where you are headed, or what within needs to go.

My life’s work is to be your guide as you shift and expand, finding the clarity you seek to feel free to be yourself in all aspects of your life.

If you would like to meet me before committing to this One-on-One intensive, please make a free 15-minute appointment with me!

During these challenging times, of “essential and non-essential work” one is confronted with what truly is essential.

The work that Cheryl is providing during these times is, with out any doubt, essential. Times are challenging, our world is shifting rapidly, and nothing is as it appears on the surface.

Cheryl, time and again succeeds in providing a piercing perspective, in a language of truth that arrives at the heart of your situation.

I’ve been working with Cheryl now for 4 years and every experience offers invaluable wisdom for what I’m presently confronting.

CN, Delaware


To join the One-on-One Records Mentorship, please complete the application below and submit payment on the following page!

The One-on-One Mentorship uses Name-Your-Price pricing to open the doors to all people around the world, within all ages, and all economic situations.

In this Mentorship you have the choice of:

  • 30-minute or 60-minute sessions
  • 3 sessions or 6 sessions

Upon registration (submitting application and payment) I will send you a scheduling link with a coupon code. You may schedule your sessions all at once or one by one.

You must be at least 18 years old, are open to learning new ideas, and feel you can receive feedback from me when necessary.

You have 12 months from date of purchase before the sessions expire. You are responsible for scheduling.

The sessions are not transferrable and are not refundable once payment is made.

If you would like to speak with me about the Mentorship before submitting your application and payment, please schedule a complimentary 15-minute chat with me.

These are the four package options:

PackageOne-Time PaymentMonthly Payment
30-minutes X 3Suggested: $375
Range: $180-675
Suggested: $125/month
Range: $60-225
30-minutes X 6Suggested: $725
Range: $360-1350
Suggested: $125/month
Range: $60-225
60-minutes X 3Suggested: $725
Range: $360-1350
Suggested: $250/month
Range: $120-450
60-minutes X 6Suggested: $1450
Range: $720-2700
Suggested: $250/month
Range: $120-450

One-on-One Mentorship Application

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