Open the Akashic Records for Other Available for Pre-Order

Learn how to open the Akashic Records for other people – and for the world around you.

Whether you’re developing your skills to offer formal readings or simply want to help friends and family, it’s possible to learn how to open the Akashic Records of another consenting person and guide them through that experience.

You can also learn to open the Akashic Records of “other” to access the Records of the world around you: your favorite pet, the house you live in, sacred sites you visit, plant and animal allies, and much more.

Open the Akashic Record for Other will be available at online booksellers beginning October 31!

The reviews I have gotten so far for this book have been wonderful. In fact, those who started with the first volume in the Akashic Records Master Course are eagerly awaiting the debut of this third volume.

To pre-order the book, you can visit this page.

To learn more about the book, read here.


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