Open the Akashic Records for Other by Cheryl Marlene
Open the Akashic Records for Other by Cheryl Marlene

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Learn how to Open the Akashic Records for other – both people and for the world around you.

When you learn to open your Akashic Records, you tap into a vast support system, universal knowledge, and guidance for living your best life. As you progress, you may want to learn how to do the same for others.

Opening the Akashic Records for Other offers you a path to share that same level of insight, guidance, and information with the people in your life. Whether you’re developing your skills to offer formal readings or simply want to help friends and family, it’s possible to learn how to open the Akashic Records of another consenting person and guide them through that experience.

You can also learn to open the Akashic Records of “other” to access the Records of the world around you: your favorite pet, the house you live in, sacred sites you visit, plant and animal allies, and much more.

Working in the Akashic Records of other can give you an inside look at the world’s most ancient mysteries or a practical way to understand what’s happening with your computer system. It’s an entirely new lens into the world around you.

Take your next step. Open the Akashic Records for Others completes your circle, catalyzes everything you’ve learned, and offers an easy-to-follow process of offering Akashic Record Readings to others.

In the third volume of the signature Akashic Records Masterclass, leading authority and master teacher Cheryl Marlene helps you learn how to share this experience with others:

  • Learn to open the Akashic Records for other people who request your assistance and guide them through the sacred process of interacting with their Akashic Records.
  • Use her exclusive Biography Readings process to develop your ability to read for others, in a totally safe environment.
  • Witness the soul’s journey, giving you an expanded understanding of topics such as soul purpose, the Akashic Records, past and future lives, healing, and more.
  • Explore the process of offering Akashic Record Readings, with step-by-step guidance on everything from preparing clients to responding to information in the moment.
  • Develop the ability to open the Akashic Records for buildings, pets, sacred locations, and others to gain practical insights into the world around you.
  • Expand your perceptions of the Akashic Records and tap into deep wisdom by learning how to open the Akashic Records for beings such as Mother Earth, astrological phenomena, spiritual allies, plant guardians, gemstones, and much more.
  • Through reading for Others, deeply understand, confront, and heal challenges you face in your own life and identify opportunities for growth and positive change.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your unique strengths and skills within the Akashic Records and learn how to use them to help yourself and others achieve a larger purpose.

This book offers all the tools you need to open the Akashic Records for other people and begins your journey into opening the Akashic Records for non-human energy. Deepen your practice and understanding through exercises, readings, and question sets developed over two decades teaching thousands of students this process.

Even students with prior experience with the Akashic Records will learn a whole new perspective on how the Akashic Records work, and the possibilities for interacting with them.

Get started today and Open the Akashic Records for Other!

Why did I write Open the Akashic Records for Other?

Most of the students who learn with me begin by saying that they want to learn to open their Akashic Records but don’t think they’ll go further.

Why? Self-worth.

Most believe that learning to open the Akashic Records for Other is a road too far – a road in which they can’t trust themselves to explore because somehow, some way they are not going to be good enough to work in the Akashic Records for Other. To put it bluntly: it’s a concern that you will hurt another because you are not good enough.

This is a paradox – a contradiction. Because the entire journey of learning to open the Akashic Records for other is about expanding your personal sense of worthiness.

You are absolutely right: this is serious and requires the highest levels of integrity and trust.

However, by completing the circle in your Akashic Records studies, you dig deep into your depths and let go of whatever stands in the way of you living from and with your best self.

I wrote this book because: you are that which you seek. This book, this work helps you realize you are good enough, kind enough, thoughtful enough, honest enough.

Besides, opening the Akashic Records of the forest, of a mountain, of a rose – WOW!!

In Joy!

Great reviews of this wonderful book!

The Most Comprehensive Course on the Akashic Records Available Today” – Amazon Reviewer

“because we first have to access and work with our own Record before we can reach out beyond ourselves … this is a well-written and actually practical guide to how to do this.” – Amazon Reviewer

“So Good! learn to access others … not as simple as just accessing your own … but it was so good reading as to how you can and how it can be helpful to you.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent Information … I love this book and author.” – Amazon Reviewer

This author “makes the information so easily understandable and interesting. If you want to know more about Akashic Records, this is an excellent place to start.” – Amazon Reviewer

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