Oppression of Coercion and Hate

This is an excerpt from my book, To Do Your Work. This is definitely a work-in-progress! More to come!

Oppression of Coercion and Hate

When all else fails, oppression and coercion are justified to eradicate the hated.

You are not smart enough, good enough, fast enough to make a choice for yourself. Why? Because you have not proved yourself worthy and most likely never will.

The intensity of Blind Production is rigid in order to keep you in check. Without a sense of value, you are less likely to act independently and upset the existing power structure. Without an inner sense of value, you look outside for truth and guidance. You struggle to believe in yourself and be present to the reality of your life. In looking outward, you are more susceptible to the myths of fear and scarcity and more influenced by the accussing tone of Mass Consciousness.

All of this wants to convince you to let out there convince you of what to do and how to choose. The implication is that relinquishing self-determination is the only safe method to avoid being caught without protection. Believing you have no choice keeps you in line, docile, and without a clear sense of self.

The stress and pressure of Power-Over persuades through both threat and force. Coercion at its most insidious seeps into the depths of self to destroy any sense of capacity or strength.

The influence is unrelenting, oppressive, continuous, and concern you might uncover personal truth, Mass Consciousness constantly dumps, shovels, and fills awareness with fear, and the certainty of defeat.

The Oppression of Coercion and Hate exists by maintaining the impracticality and impossibility of finding personal worth within – especially a worthiness solid enough to staking your life on.

The threat is primal and enticing, casting down and distressed on the very core of your authentic self. By leveraging mistrust at the deepest, inner levels, Power-Over offers to relieve the burden of uncertain choice. Power-Over offers a guaranteed pathway to a better, safer life. If that doesn’t work, coercion is amplified until you relent. The oppressive, constant message: trust the system because it is futile and dangerous to trust yourself.

The stakes of turning to personal choice are literally life or death – or so would the current power structure like you to believe.

However, by realizing that in any moment you are capable of choice, that choice is always available you can, begin to release the hold of coercion. You begin to learn both the power and the responsibility of trusting yourself to choose. The insidiousness of this motion of coercion in life can be truly frightening. As you let go of fear as directed motion, you step into choice directed by your inner truth. Balance begins to appear, and life loses its push and demand.

Fallacy of Oppression of Coercion and Hate

Hate is a trajectory which divides one from another. Hate is an illusion of separation and disconnection. Hate blurs, distorts, and misaligns. Hate is both weapon and weaponized. Hate lures the scared, the disconnected, and the objectified as retaliation and revenge. Hate is the escalation of control, blame, and fear. Hate is oppressive and coercive.

At the same time, hate creates the illusion of connection. Hate identifies the culprit and the sinner. Hate is a path of last resort for the disempowered, the marginalized, and the alienated. Hate galvanizes communities, and instills direction and purpose, and calms the fear of the unknown because the reason for fear has been identified and personalized.

Hate mobilizes sides on both sides of a trajectory of division and disconnection. Reassuring both of truth and judgment. Distinguishing right from wrong. Illuminating the sacred and the now defamed.

Seen from only one perspective, hate is clearly one sided. Experienced from all directions, hate is multilayered and multitoned in both sight and sound, voice and description.

Felt like a single bolt of lightning when directed toward a single focus, hate is multicolored and enjoys unlimited access across the globe within every country, state, city, and village.

When driven into an immutable wall, hate arises in both defense and attack. Hate experiences no boundaries, no limits, no resistance as either weapon or reaction.

Hate festers like a silent node of bacteria on the human heart, building, growing, accumulating flecks of righteousness, judgment, and senseless justification. Hate can bloom in a second of heat and fear, shooting daggers of blame and accusation with or without prevarication. Hate also arises over time like a lifelong flood of destruction and distortion.

From the perspective of personal power, hate is a tool of oppression and coercion. Usually the end goal of the escalation begun through control, hate can also erupt in a split second as both something done and something received.

You can hate and be hated. You can use hate to attack others who attack you. You can join others who hate those you hate. You can exacerbate tension and cloud truth by simply saying, “I hate.”

Like many emotions hate can be a solitary experience as well as a shared experience. Hate can feel exhilarating as if the fog has been cleared away. Hate can also be the opposite as a dense dark cloud obscuring vision and truth.

As a tool within power dynamics, hate is the accumulation of control, blame, and fear. For Power-Over, this has always been the goal: hate. This has always been the intention: complete elimination and eradication of all objects of hate. Control and blame are the primers, the preparation for fear to lead to hate.

Hate wants to strip THEM of their humanity. Power does not care that this behavior dehumanizes everyone, both hating and hated alike. To see one person less than is to see this as reality for all. Hate as a tool of coercion wants to suck any sense of personal power out of the world and trap us all in the politics of survival. Hate begins. Hate ends. In between is power over sucking the life out of humanity.

In this perspective, hate is more than aversion, distaste, or inexperience arising from personal preference. Hate as a weapon of power is the escalation of control and manipulation into oppressive coercion. Hate is to control not just action but more importantly, also emotion, thought, and belief. Hate incites emotional reaction. Hate is proof fear worked. Hate becomes belief becomes the foundation of belief.

Hate creates and arises from division and separation. Hate attempts to instill the false belief connection is delusion and nonexistent. More importantly, hate fumes connection is dangerous and life threatening. Hate maintains that survival is possible only if the feared, the blamed, and the hated are ignored, ostracized, and denied any sense of humanity.

Buried deep in the fight or flight mechanism, hate galvanizes justification, judgment, injury to defend against attack, both real and devised. The means of its actions defended by the fear of a false outcome and a self-serving goal within a game of power, polemics, and potent fear.

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