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I had a great time speaking with Shawn!

For me it was a good example of what can bloom when you let go of expectation and ignore the critical voice inside telling you aren’t going the expected way!

What I have for you is a workbook about how to

Clear Your Critical Voice

What is My Critical Voice?

When you are looking to find self-understanding, uncover a stronger sense of self-belief, and be willing to feel worthy of your power within, there can be a lot to work yourself through.

I believe one of the best places to begin is with the inner voice which is full of innuendo, snark, and accusation you are not good enough.

I call this negative inner voice your critical voice.

You can experience a constant stream of ugly statements about your failings, your mistakes, and your moments when you have been less than what you desire yourself to be.

Until the constant drone of this voice is calmed and quieted, it will feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.

However, here’s the hard part: clearing your critical voice is not a quick fix. The clearing process takes some intentional effort on your part. Plus, as you begin to clear, the critical voice will dig in deeper to get you to stop.

What I have found helps is to have a very clear, simple process which identifies the lies of the critical voice, identifies the fear behind the words, then shifts the words into phrases and sentences which support who you are and want to become.

Again, this is not a couple of deep breaths and then all is better.

However, this workbook provides a clear process which helps you work through clearing your critical voice step by step.

Here are the steps to clear your critical voice:

  • Step One: Understand the energy of the critical voice
  • Step Two: Identify what your critical voice says to you – the words, statements, or phrases
  • Step Three: Ask the Five Questions To Do Your Work to:
    • Identify the fear behind a statement
    • Release the fear
    • Uncover your truth
    • Focus in on your next step
  • Step Four: Use truth as the statement of your authentic self

This workbook will take you through each step — worksheets are provided for you at each point.

If somewhere along the way, you hit a bump, something doesn’t make sense, or you’d like some personal direction, then schedule a free 15-minute chat with me using this link:


Thinking good thoughts for you!

In Joy!


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Here’s the Workbook:

The download link is below the image.

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