Personal Healing in the Akashic Records Workshop

Primarily focuses on the individual’s healing process with attention to finding balance and releasing pain.

Within the Akashic Records, healing is balance and balance always is.

Thus, the process of healing isn’t correction or fixing that which is broken.

Rather, healing is a matter of letting go of any blocks or resistance to where Balance Is, here, now.

In this perspective, pain is caused when awareness of balance becomes scarce, fogged, or unobtainable.

Trauma is the resulting experience of blocked energy flow. Relief comes through awareness and release.

Personal Healing in the Akashic Records is an introductory Akashic Records course which focuses on the individual’s healing process.

We will examine theories of well-being and the energy dynamics of body, mind, heart, and soul.

There will be individual Akashic Records work (and no partner practice or exchange).

Each class will present new ideas and perspectives on balance, healing, pain, and trauma.

Similar to Introduction to Soul Energy Dynamics, this course is about ideas those new to the Akashic Records need to understand and experience advanced perspectives and techniques in the Akashic Records.

Between class will be opportunity to explore these ideas and seek release, balance, and your personal path forward through guided writing prompts and Akashic Records practice.

This course has the following four sections based around essential questions:


What is well-being? This is our beginning point.

What is Body Wisdom? This is our perspective in understanding the energy dynamics of the body.


What is the difference between feeling, sensation, emotion, and thought?

How does fear drive the mind into overwhelm and the division of pain?


What clouds the heart and holds trauma?

What supports heart release and the unfreezing of energy?


How can one live life from soul awareness?

Where is Balance in this moment?

What’s Included in this Course:

Online Classes

The live, in-person classes begin Friday, March 1 at 1pm Central. We meet every Friday from March 1 to April 19.

Recordings of all classes will be found in the online course material for those unable to attend in-person.

Reading Material Ebook

Students receive access to a special ebook created exclusively for this course.

This ebook is a free, digital copy, downloadable as PDF, Kindle, or EPUB..

75% Discount on the One-on-One Mentorship

Many students like to have one-on-one time with me to process their personal learning and growth while a student. Frequent sessions can be good for accountability, a confidential ear, or the welcome of a frequent Reading with me. Receive a 75% discount when you add the One-on-One Mentorship to your Akashic Records Intensive.

International Community of Students

I am blessed to have an amazing group of students from around the world. We are all serious about learning and love to laugh and enjoy life.

Free 15-minute Check-ins

Sometimes you just need a little adjustment or have a quick question for me. Schedule a 15-minute check-in and we’ll get you moving.

Life-time Access to Course Material

When you complete four months of the Akashic Records Intensive, all courses you have entered and have done at least 50% of the course remain available to you without limit.

I have been a student of Cheryl for over 2 years.

I am so grateful to have found such an amazing, insightful and inspiring teacher.

Cheryl does not merely teach but, she empowers you to seek the truth for who you are alongside finding, seeking those parts of you, hidden for whatever reason and assist you in the unification of self and releasing the fear of life that has been orchestrated.

I can truly say that I have found Me and I continue to find and see me on the ever changing continuum of existence.

She creates that precious place and feeling of safety to explore the depth of your being, no blame, shame, judgement, or expectations working at your own pace.

Her authentic, open heart gave me the courage to look, see, feel and investigate the deepest parts of me giving me tools and the confidence (even when it is not felt) to look at, recognise and question my fear and resistance to change, challenges and circumstances, and move beyond into believing, feeling and knowing possibilities of Me.

B, United Kingdom


Personal Healing in the Akashic Records is open to any student who has entered or completed Akashic Records for You.

This course is offered live beginning March 1.

To enter this introductory course, you must know how to open the Akashic Records using Cheryl’s method. If you are a new student who hasn’t taken Akashic Records for You, you may demonstrate your ability by completing the related Challenge Exam.

This course is also available in two formats:

Single Course Purchase

A single course purchase to be completed in four months through self-paced study.

To make a single course purchase, please use the register button below.

Akashic Records Intensive Course

As a no-charge course usually completed in two to three months for registered Akashic Records Intensive Students with live classes beginning in March 1, 2024 at 1pm Central.

If you are already registered in the Akashic Records Intensive, then choose the Intensive Student registration option below.

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Personal Healing in the Akashic Records
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