Personal Truth and the Akashic Records

Now, I’m going to say something which has become a bit cliché:

Your truth is within you.

Wait! Hear me out!

The reason there is no right answer isn’t because life is hard. Life can be hard AND fun and complicated and wonderful and all those things. But, that’s not really the point.

There is no right answer because the point isn’t about answers. The point is you and how you make choices about yourself and your life. That’s a process of finding what’s truthful within you and learning to trust yourself and your process. You may read a book or seek out ideas from a teacher, but you do so, or are learning to do so, from the perspective that:

You are more than enough.

You know yourself better than anyone.

You trust yourself and can take steps to expand this trust,

You don’t let fear guide your life, and

You don’t need to KNOW everything because you trust yourself to LEARN what you need in the moment.

This is an excerpt from one of my newest books, 10+ Secrets of the Akashic Records.

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