Photosynthesis and the Human Body

Photosynthesis:  turning light energy into chemical energy.

It’s good to sweat!  Doesn’t have to be physical exercise.  Sitting in the sun, an infrared sauna, or a hot yoga room.

When you sweat, you’re energetically taking in light and letting it go. Getting your body to sweat is intentionally stepping into the process of photosynthesis. The heat is causing you to sweat and you’re letting go of the outer layers.

Sweat does a lot of things. One of the things sweat does is it clears the top layer of the dermis of anything spiritual or physical that’s interfering with the body’s process of photosynthesis.

We end up with an impeded photosynthesis process because we spend so much time sitting in rooms with no windows.

That’s what part of a vitamin D deficiency can be about: your body’s photosynthesis process is impaired in some way.

Getting outside in the sun sweating, or, even it’s cold outside, and you’re in a gym or something exercising, that’s OK. You’re in that process of doing what you need to do to get the crap out.

Blue light from electronic interferes with photosynthesis.

If you are around TVs and computers and stuff like that at night after 9:00 o’clock do something that takes the blue light out. Orange glasses, filters on your screens.

There’s a way in which our skin, our eyes, our mouths, our noses — everything about us, all of our organs even the ones that are inside our bodies are involved in the photosynthesis process. In one way or the other because it’s about how you turn light into energy.

There’s also a way in which all of this is about detox. Photosynthesis is right at the edge of how your body deals with energy. And so anything that’s in your body that interferes with that system needs to be let go and essentially that’s what a detox process is doing. Even though we don’t talk about it that way, detox is helping us clean our body out in such a way that we improve our ability to get all of the benefit that’s possible from photosynthesis.

Different people are going to have different symptoms.  We bounce around in a symptom for a while until we get it all back on track and then that symptom goes away. Be careful that you don’t move into self-judgment when the symptom shows up. The overall goal is optimal health, vibrant health. And so sometimes what you must do is experience what we would think of as negative symptoms because that’s part of the whole process of how you’re re-aligning. Even things like childhood vaccinations can be enough to throw all of this off. Worse for some people, others it doesn’t bother them.

Part of that has to do with the soul’s choice about what level it wants to incarnate.  That is part of this shift that’s happening right now on the planet.  It has to do with the fact that souls are coming in with different choices. Over the last couple of thousands of years most souls came in to live a very physical life.  Not all souls but most souls. And that’s what is shifting radically right now.  More and more souls are coming in with a choice of a being spiritually and physically integrated instead of predominantly physical or predominantly spiritual.

Processes like photosynthesis end up being key because they are right at that edge between the physical and the spiritual. Because light is the physical expression of the potential of form. Photosynthesis ends up being this process that is a mitigating pathway.

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