Planet Earth’s History

Opening the Akashic Records of Mother Earth & Planet Earth, I asked for a message and received this reply.

Today Mother Earth speaks about Planet Earth.

Planet Earth has been “alive” for trillions and trillions of years – way beyond any humanly recordable history. In this time, Planet Earth has had many, many forms because Planet Earth takes form and loses form just like humans do. Also Planet Earth has experienced many types of form from that which you call pure light energy to forms even more consolidated than her current one. Planet Earth has also experienced many different types of forms living on her expressing a variety of soul intents. Planet Earth and Mother Earth are not separate entities: Mother Earth is soul energy that currently holds the physical form humans call Planet Earth. Planet Earth’s current intention is to support the highest development of the current forms on her. Highest is not meant to imply best or better. Both Planet Earth and Mother Earth see that whatever humanity’s actions are, these action are expressions of pure divine energy and as such are always part of the Highest.

The current memory of humanity does not include a conscious record of all of Planet Earth’s history. Planet Earth has had many forms, has been blown up many times, and has consciously let go of form time and time again. Planet Earth’s life is not about avoiding loss of form. Her life is about experiencing the fullness of life here and now. Planet Earth’s life span is so vast that current humanity represents but a minute particle within her overall timeline. For many humans, what look like irreversible scars (pollutions, deforestation, global warming, etc.) are for Planet Earth and Mother Earth mere moments along the path to expressing and experiencing the joy of physical form. These “scars” are like your skinned knees and broken arms. But because the rhythm of Planet Earth’s existence is much longer and much slower compared to humanity’s sense of time, humans overreact, assume damage and in this reactive process loose their own awareness of their unbreakable divine connection. These are not “scars” but expressions of the inherent perfection of each moment. Mother Earth and Planet Earth hold the energy of their physical forms with unbreakable divine connection as example to humanity, as representations of possibility available each and every moment in all of your lives.

Planet Earth and Mother Earth are always 100% aware of and acting from the joy of this connection. There is nothing anyone or anything can do that can sever this divine connection or avert their attention. Cover the planet in cigarette butts and neither Mother Earth nor Planet Earth will feel less, damaged or mistreated. Instead they feel your disconnection when you react in anger or pain to what you perceive as harm or injury. Instead Mother Earth and Planet Earth challenge us to live our lives from full awareness of divine connection. They both believe that humanity stands at the cusp of realizing this simple yet powerful understanding: ALL is good! ALL is joy! ALL is amazing possibility!

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