400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records – Signed


400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records: Question Suggestions to Figure Out What You Want to Know and What You Want to Let Go by Cheryl Marlene

This is a signed paperback (there is no hardcover).

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Are there really 400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records?

Yes! And more!

Here are Question Suggestions for your next Akashic Record Reading!

Whether you’re getting your first Akashic Records reading or devising a strategy to get more out of your next visit to the Records, 400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records can help.

Asking meaningful questions is the cornerstone of a great Reading and helps you get the most from any Akashic Records experience.

Stuck? Don’t know what to ask? Afraid to ask the wrong question or maybe you’re just unsure how to phrase your query?

You’re not alone. Akashic Records expert and master Reader Cheryl Marlene has created this simple, easy to follow guide to help you imagine what’s possible in your next reading and dig deeper than ever before.

The Akashic Records are filled with information, knowing and understanding – and offer a rich source of response to any inquiry.

To receive, however – first you must ASK.

Questions don’t have to be long, detailed, or mystical.

There is no such thing as the right question or the perfect question. Plus, there is no required format or structure.

Ask what’s on your mind and in your heart.

Know that there is no reason to get self-critical – however you ask will be just right.

Your question is your question.

Trust yourself to ask what’s needed in the moment.

Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you try, you can’t quite get to what you want to ask.

Enter 400+ Questions to Ask the Akashic Records!

This book fills the gap with plenty of Question Suggestions. Based on two decades of experience, Cheryl Marlene has developed this comprehensive resource to the most common, most important, and most healing questions you can explore in the Akashic Records.

Use them as is – or let them inspire you to take your Reading in a whole new direction.

With more than 400 questions which focus on the challenges in life including relationships, family, career, health and vitality, moving, and more, this is an easily accessed A to Z guide.

Plus, there’s also Twelve Deep Dive Questions and the Two Essential Questions – all good to use when receiving an Akashic Record Reading or when opening the Akashic Records for yourself.

Let go of what’s holding you back and step into the wisdom, love and spiritual insights of the Akashic Records. With all of these suggestions, you will find focus and know exactly what you want to ask!

Get these powerful Question Suggestions today!



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